Fortress Forever: Pirates Map

Avast there, it be too late to alter course maties, And there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, Ye come seeking adventure in salt...


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Avast there, it be too late to alter course maties, And there be plundering pirates lurking in every cove, Ye come seeking adventure in salty old pirates, ay? Mark well me words maties, Dead men tell no tales. Enjoy this Pirate map for Fortress Forever, made by Doughboy.

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Download '' (7.78MB)

ff_pirates - capture the flag
Map by Doughboy

Install the zip into your FortressForever directory and everything
should fall into place!

FortressForever\maps         ff_pirates.bsp
                             ff_pirates README.txt

FortressForever\materials\vgui\loadingscreens	ff_pirates.VTF

FortressForever\sound\ff_pirates		Cannons1.WAV
						Pirates Life for Me.MP3

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

Special Thanks:
Clans that gave me a chance: UAF, NiX, SKS, eXeL, 4|4
Experienced Mappers who answered my tedious questions: Mulchman, TyrantII and everyone @ #iNvasionWorks
Also thanks to: Silkk, Dogfighter, LadyM (and BabyM), Roxx, Gh0st, Ultima, AssMongrel, DK, FadetoBlah,
Poly, Pant, Vio, jigga, SC, skewy, Zues, SatansWill, iabd, BlaZe, Clue, Sinister, AW, evil and baby evil,
Bang, Primus, Player, Steel Python, Slayer, DM, Recoil, LightBandit, SV, Army, Incursion, Llamo, CoDe, Juda,
X-Rated, Ruiner, Phaelinx, We$iDe, NyTeMaRe, Smasher, FRA, Thrik, Thunder, and everyone else i'm forgetting!

My AIM name is the most consistant way to get in touch with me: "StarFoxMcCloud"

Map History:
So I decided my first map for Fortress Forever would be a map I couldn't have possibly done
in the TFC HL game engine. A map with huge open areas. I enjoy making assymetric maps because
artistically they're more appealing and more natural. Balance is always a concern so I hope
the flags are balanced in different defensive strongholds (Captains Mess & Ship Bow).
To further help with this balance I favored an offensive style map. The bird nests above the sails
are placed for specific views exposing defense setups to sniper fire, but not completely exposed.
The spawns are exposed to attack just like my other map, Submarine. Some people won't like this,
but it shouldn't be hard to kill anyone wandering through spawns. A good defense should be able
to repel spam into the spawn. The prison serves no purpose but to separate the spawns.

My envisioned defense would probably be an SG and/or Demo on the flag to stop Concers, and
a wall of Soldiers/HWs stomping everyone else in route. I'm not sure how this map would play
with leagues (organized teams winning at all costs kind of play). The map detail isn't as high
as I would have liked, but my frame rates are already hurting so I won't go higher.
I had hoped to put in models like Rum Barrels but I don't know any modelers. I would have
also loved some lanterns, but again... that might require a modeler. If I do a rerelease you
can look for these features. I'm just anxious to get this map out cause I like the design.
If I can get feedback, I might do a rerelease some day. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
was a big influence. I also watched a Sinbad movie, and had plans to watch an Errol Flynn flick
but never got around to it. The biggest influence was an Unreal Tournament map called Galleon.

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