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For all Fortress Forever Fans, v1.1 has been released! Be sure to back up any configs you have as they'll get overwritten it seems! They...


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For all Fortress Forever Fans, v1.1 has been released! Be sure to back up any configs you have as they'll get overwritten it seems! They also accidentally added a handful of incomplete maps. Most of them aren't even playable or up to date; they were included by mistake. I.e. if the map wasn't in the initial release, don't run it on your server unless you want to empty it. This is the the full release of v1.1, handy if you never installed Fortress Forever before, or you rather want a clean installation.

Fortress Forever v1.1 Change Log Fixed - Fixed buildable_ondamage and player_ondamage script callbacks. - Fixed kPlayers flag for lua entity collection. - Fixed normal explosion sound being played on top of buildable explosion sound. - Fixed player_spawn callback getting called every time a player executes /kill. - Fixed suicide logic from running when player is already dead. - Fixed score overflow at 32k by increasing size of networked score variable. - Fixed missing voice hud icons. - Fixed player:AddHealth function so it returns expected value. This fixes bug where you can pick up all ammo and armor bags if you weren't full health. - Fixed display is + negative fort points(ie + -100) - Fixed voice column to show chat on/off icons for other teams. - Fixed # leaving off the rest of the string in chat messages if not matched to a localized string. - Fixed disguise "enemy" to choose a random enemy team. - Fixed infection/heal sound to play at appropriate times. - Fixed kill/death messages not showing/tracking. - Fixed tickrate 66 clamp. - Fixed death view slant. - Fixed %l displaying wrong team. - Fixed medkit hit/infection sounds to play properly. - Fixed sentrygun not being able to retarget closer targets - Fixed sentrygun to favor all visible players over buildables(if they got a player as a target they will not target a buildable, regardless of distance)

Added - Added lua callbacks for player_connected & player_disconnected - Added lua SetDamageForce for damageinfo - Added DamageInfo:ScaleDamage function, exposed to lua - Added player_onkill callback for player suicide so scripts can reject it(implemented in ff_hunted) - Added DropToFloor() lua function that takes a base entity. - Added client side spawn weapon cvars to control what weapon you equip on spawn. - Added small spinup to AC so it no longer shoots immediately(and no heat buildup during spinup) - Added buildable & grenade flags to the base trigger class & .fgd - Added a progress bar to spy disguising. - Changed to no blood shooting disguised teammates when ff is off. - Changed AC to reduce HW speed when firing(and not dependent on charge level). - Changed grenade and pipe damage radius up a bit - Changed water exiting push force up a bit. - Changed decals not to draw on players & buildables. Pretty certain this accounted for a majority of client crashes. - Changed a bunch cvars people were using as cheats to cheat. - Changed backpacks to non solid to fix them from blocking doors/elevators. - Changed messagemode and messagemode2 binding to support auto starting the chat message. Ie, bind p "messagemode ^2" will begin the chat mode with ^2 already in the chat box.

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Fortress Forever is a Team Fortress mod for Half-life 2's Source Engine. Our independent team is creating this mod entirely from scratch.

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