Fortress Forever: v1.11 to v2.0 Client Patch

For those who have been waiting for it, its here! Fortress Forever v2.0! This Patch will patch up your [url="http://halflife2.fil...


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For those who have been waiting for it, its here! Fortress Forever v2.0! This Patch will patch up your previous version to the latest 2.0 version! You sure you wish to see the change log? As it is huge! Go check it below:

Fortress Forever v2.0 Change Log

GENERIC / Misc stuff:

• Walls no longer apply friction to grenades, concmaps should be possible now! • Small auto-conc for HH concs when you dont jump • Frag grenade damage up to 145 (patch 1.0 was 180, patch 1.11 was 126). Radius the same. • Throwing the flag is now upwards slightly rather than skidding along the floor • Re-added recoil for some weapons (e.g. IC) • Suiciding no longer causes you to lose 100 fortress points • bhop now 1.20 up from 1.10 • Better intermission scoreboard/player handling • Made the currently held grenade timer bar more visible than the dropped ones • pyro scream time only triggers once every 1.7 seconds now • Added cl_reducedexplosions to help fps problem • Added a cvar for ragdoll lifetime • NEW!! assault cannon fire sound


• Grenades now have trails and halo's around them • Blue and yellow pipes now have trails • Player models have been tweaked to increase visibility • Grenade models have been tweaked to increase visibility • SG models have been tweaked to increase visibility • SG now throws out sparks when it's below 50% health • Flags now GLOW • Single Shotgun reload animation (thanks a084) • New IC model! • No more ugly background for build timers • New HUD security icons for shutdown style maps • Shotgun muzzle flash more visible • Many visuals now line up correctly in widescreen modes (damage indicators, Context menus etc) • New EMP effect • HUD health / armor no longer flashes red when you are hit. It'll only flash red when you are < 25% health to prevent confusion. (instead it flashes white when hit) • Grenade 2 timer up a bit so it's not so far down • New explosion scorch decal which doesnt make your whole base black. • 'on fire' hud HUD redness reduced a lot • Cvars for turning off targets + gren trails (also in options menu) • Teamcolour hud can now go back to normal again

Bug fixes:

• Grenade target timing bug ( • Medkit fix. Should be much easier to heal people with medkit and spanner now, as friendlies are lag predicted now. • Dispenser / SG health now displays properly on the HUD even if you are far away. • CL_CopyExistingEntity crash fixed at last (!!) • SG now tracks properly when built on a slope • Death by burning is no longer a suicide • Fixed LUA error causing security icons to disappear when players connected • Fix for spies being able to sabotage when they're dead • Demoman grenades hopefully dont bounce of people any more • Readded interpolation for projectiles • Put in a fix for grenade timers not showing up

Class-specific changes - Scout:

• Caltrops and radar have been removed. Instead they have a buildable jump pad on +attack2. Jumppad is invincible - det it by double right-tapping. You can only carry one, similar to a detpack. They last 60 seconds before auto-detting. Any team can use them. • Players can only use a jump pad once every second, so they dont get multiple triggers. • Max conc speed after using the jumppad • Reduced conc time for Scout down to Medic level • Scouts now don't take fall damage.


• Sniper rifle base damage has been reduced from 42 to 35 • Radiotag duration reduced from 60 to 15 seconds. • AR damage down from 7 to 5.5


• RPG damage radius increased slightly (from 108 to 125). • RPG reload time decreased from 1.0 to 0.9 seconds. • Nail grens tweaked a lot. • Soldier special now quickswitches between shotgun and RPG


• Blue pipe fuse timer dramatically decreased (from 2.5 to 1.1 seconds). Pipetrap explosion radius increased from 125 to 150.


• Right click now discards medpacks for teammates to use (thanks mirv). These take 10 cells to use and the medic slowly recharges cells over time. Medpacks last 5 seconds before disappearing so the person you are throwing to has to pick them up soon (you can't leave a supply for your defenders for example)


• New HW AC System! : Overheat removed (!), rof changed from 0.06-0.12 to 0.05-0.15. cof changed from 0.10-0.15 to 0.05-0.30. • New AC clamp system - hold right mouse to clamp, let go to unclamp. Also fires when you are clamping so you can hold right mouse to clamp + fire (you dont have to hold mouse1 and mouse2)


• IC base damage has come down (from 60 to 50). • Flamethrower damage increased to 16 from 13 • Flamethrower pushforce cap increased to 850 from 550. • Pyro special now quickswitches between flamethrower and IC. • Pyro vs Pyro now takes 100% damage up from 50% • Flamethrower uppush up to 110 from 50.


• Spy now has a 'last disguise' option on the menu • knife damage up to 50 from 32. • Disguise time halved.


• SG health has come down to 113% from 120% of TFC level(ish). • SG bulletpush now works on the ground (thanks jiggs!). • SG air bulletpush reduced to 15 from 24

ALL CLASSES (except medic)::

• Melee weapons now do more damage. Crowbar + spanner up to 30 from 18. Knife up to 50 from 32.


• New scoring system, capping flag results in that teams flag being reset back to cage, other team unaffected and can continue capturing. First to 3 captures wins and everyone resets.

New functionality:

• New splash screen to tell you about any updates to FF if you are playing an old version. • New options screen with a load more stuff on it

Map Changes - Epicenter:

• New scoring system, capping flag results in that teams flag being reset back to cage, other team unaffected and can continue capturing. First to 3 captures wins and everyone resets

• Extended balcony area around cap point for additional SG position • Epicenter ammo bags now give a slight amount of health/armor (thanks gingerlord) • Epicenter 3-cap LUA system added, some various tweaks • Epicenter tweaks


• VIS fixed, massive performance increase • Test middle area structure for additional route • Misc brush fixes • Crossover2: More obvious Capture Point, lasers in air lift.(thanks gingerlord) • Various crossover tweaks including a revamped midmap • Crossover tweaks


• Revamped version of ff_openfire_b2, with better lighting, clipped lights, decent water, better flag-security system, custom teamcoloured security buttons and stuff


• monkey is now Red vs Blue • monkey FPS vastly improved


• Well front door buttons removed, walk up to it = it opens


• Dustbowl now compiles properly, various visual fixes (gaps in ceilings etc)


• New, polished, bug-fixed version of the community map. Thanks Yann "Sh4x" Richer


• New revamped version

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Download 'ff_111_to_20.exe' (88.4MB)

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