Garry's Mod Fakefactory Alyx Models Pack *FIXED RAR*



This awesome pack contains 36 high-quality, high-resolution Alyx models compiled for Garry's Mod by Illuminati with permission of use by the legendary Fakefactory.

You must put the "Alyx" folder into your "Garrysmod -> Materials -> Models" folder. There are some models that require that folder to work properly. Note: this will mess up the default Valve Alyx model's textures. To fix this you can take any model you like from this pack and make it the new default Alyx model. To do this just take the .mdl, .phy, .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .sw & .vtx and rename them all to "Alyx" and obviously leave the extensions.

Warning: This pack contains many models and may have unskinned or unclothed ones. Adult users only!



There are some missing textures with only about 5 of the models, this however is very minimal, and I cannot find the missing textures even when I dumped all the Material folders into Gmod. I'm going to assume that FakeFactory forgot

That all being said, have fun with the model pack and thanks for downloading. :D

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