Garry's Mod Fakefactory Alyx Models Pack v1.1-1.2 Patch *FIXED*



This v1.2 patch will update your Garry's Mod Fakefactory Alyx Models Pack v1.1 to include 3 new ragdolls/player models from Fakefactory's CM v8 plus a fixed .vmf file with a corrected path name.

Fixed textures.



Author: FakeFactory.
Compiler: Illuminati					
Current version: 1.2

Version History:

5/10 - Added 3 new Alyx models (ragdolls as well as player models) from FakeFactory's new Cinematic Mod v 8.  

4/17 – Added player models for Fake's female models, with the exception of the 4 non-Alyx models.
	- Got rid of tons of unused textures resulting in greatly reduced model pack size.

4/11 – Initial release. 

Installing: *Important, read everything carefully*
You must put the "Alyx" folder that is in the same folder as this readme, into your "Garrysmod/Materials/Models/" folder. 
There are some models that require that folder to be in that location to work properly. 
Note, this will mess up the default Valve Alyx model's textures. 
To fix this you can take any model you like from this pack and make it the new default Alyx model. To do this just take the .mdl and it's .phy,
.dx80.vtx,.dx90.vtx,.sw.vtx and rename the .mdl to "Alyx" and obviously leave the extension. Put everything else into your
"Addons" folder of Gmod.
To intstall the 1.1 - 1.2 patch, just dump everything into your "FakeFactory Models" folder and say yes to everything.

Known Issues:
There are some missing textures with only about 5 of the models, this however is *very* minimal. I cannot find the
missing textures for these models even when I dump all the material folders into Gmod. I'm going to assume that FakeFactory forgot

To uninstall, all you have to do is remove 2 folders. The first one being "FakeFactory Models" from your "Addons" folder.
The second is the "Alyx" folder from your "Garrysmod/Materials/Models/".

Other Thoughts:
If you do not wish to have the player models, simply delete the "FakeFactory_player_models.lua" from your "Lua/Autorun/" Folder.
If you only have the 1.1 - 1.2 patch, you *NEED* 1.1 full that can be found here: 

That all being said, have fun with the model pack and thanks for downloading. :D 

- Illuminati

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