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ARGG is a single player mod for Half-Life 2. It allows you to rotate the object y...


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File Description

ARGG is a single player mod for Half-Life 2. It allows you to rotate the object you are holding with the gravity gun while pressing the "use" button and moving your mouse permitting easier manipulation of the environment and removing the headaches of trying to fit large objects through doorways.

The gun implements two rotation modes which are pretty different from each other. Experiment with both modes to see which one feels most natural for you.

The inner workings of ARGG are very simple.

When you press "use", your viewangles are saved as the current 'use angles'.

While you are holding down the "use" button and grasping an object with the gravity gun, ARGG overrides your viewangles with the 'use angles' but still allows you to perform mouse input. ARGG then checks for the change in your mouse coordinates every game 'tick', and uses those to compute new angles for this 'tick'.

The angles are applied in one of two ways: to create an absolute orientation, or to create a relative orientation.

1. Absolute orientation:

Your new angles are taken and added to the previous 'attached angles' of the object in player space. These angles then create a rotation, which are transformed into world space, and are finally applied to the object you are grasping. The new 'attached angles' are then saved to be used again in the next 'tick'.

2. Relative orientation:

Your new angles are taken and used to create a new 'relative delta orientation', which represents how your mouse movement will cause the object to change from it's 'current orientation'. This orientation is applied to the 'current orientation' of the object, which is obtained from it's current 'attached angles' in player space. This resulting orientation is the 'new orientation' of the object after you have moved your mouse. This orientation is converted from player space to world space and finally applied to the object being grasped.

For more info. check out the included ReadMe file.

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Download 'argg1.zip' (3.66MB)

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