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The final version of Age of Chivalry is finally upon us ! Among other things it includes a bunch of new features, maps and fixes. If you are into medieval warfare this mod is a must have or if you would like to feast on your enemies bones :p aoc_100_media_1_small.jpg aoc_100_media_2_small.jpg aoc_100_media_3_small.jpg aoc_100_media_4_small.jpg aoc_100_media_5_small.jpg aoc_100_media_6_small.jpg

If you fancy a video before downloading check out the teaser below.

Team Chivalry proudly presents that Age of Chivalry has gone from BETA to FINAL state! After a few months of tests and development of new features its time to bring the mayhem to the public audience. After over 2 years in development by a few dedicated people on their spare time we decided that this is what Age of Chivalry will be like. We have had thousand ideas and features that we wanted to put into the final product. But we decided that with the limited time we have and no funds to gain us more time, this is what we presents as our full product. Team Chivalry will continue the development of Age of Chivalry and support the game in all ways. But we will not promise anything more than what is delivered in this installer. Although we have a lot of content almost ready that will be released in due time together with future patches/updates, its not something we will reveal as content that will be done. With this FINAL installer you get a game that is fun and competitive packed together with a huge amount of content created over the years. You can read more about the new content in the readme file linked below in this post. We hope that you will enjoy this game as much as we have done while creating it! /Team Chivalry Team Chivalry would like to thank all the loyal fans and forum goers who have supported us on this 2 year project. We truly hope that you enjoy the work we have done! Now go slay each other!

Also check out their cool flash manual over HERE ( note it might take a while for some to load )

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Download 'aoc_1_0_client.exe' (617MB)

Readme is to big to post here, check out the readme over here >>> http://www.age-of-chivalry.com/web/media/dec_2007_media/readme.txt

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