Half-Life 2: Age of Chivalry v0.1.2 Client Patch

ATTENTION: Remember that you need the full client of Age of Chivalry in order to use this Patch. Its time to patch up the BETA 1 release ye...


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ATTENTION: Remember that you need the full client of Age of Chivalry in order to use this Patch. Its time to patch up the BETA 1 release yet another time. It´s been a hectic time since the last patch. The team has been reading what the community wants and tried to fit as much of it as possible into this release together with alot of bug corrections.

Most important in this update is the changes done to the Archer and getting the oilpot back to its former state. But you can read all about that in the readme.txt which has been added below.

ATTENTION: Remember that you need the full client of Age of Chivalry in order to use this Patch.

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Download 'aoc_beta_0_1_2_698clientpatch.exe' (60.45MB)

¦                                                                            ¦
¦                    Age of Chivalry BETA 0.1.2                              ¦
¦                                                                            ¦

 • 1. Thank you!	
	Thank you for installing the first release of the Half•Life2™ 
	multiplayer modification 'Age of Chivalry'. We hope that you will 
	enjoy this preview release.

 • 2. Install notes.
	If all has gone right you should have a new folder under your 
	Steamapps/SourceMods directory named 'aocbeta'. This folder 
	contains all the data needed to play the game.

 • 3. Restart Steam™
	In order for the 'Game' to appear in the list of games in Steam™, 
	you usually need to restart Steam™. Recently Steam™ was updated 
	with the function to check for newly installed games after some 
	time and update it self in the games list. But this new feature
	does not always work.

 • 4. About this release.
	This release is meant as a playtest of our code and the maps, it
	does not portray the planned full game. Not all features are in
	this release. This is intentionally by the developers as we want
	to save something for the next release too. This release is to be
	considered as a teaser for upcoming releases. Making sure that we 
	are on the right track with our ideas. It will also give us huge 
	feedback on bigger bugs and other problems we need to adress.

	Included in this release is:
	• 2 teams, Agathia Knights and The Mason Order.
	• 3 Classes for each team, Archer, Footmen and Knights.
	• 9 main weapon choices for each team. 3 per class.
	• 3 Quests, three maps taken from the full storyline. Included are 
	Dark Forest, Stoneshill and Westerlyn.
	• All current materials for maps and models.
	• All current models, players and props.

 • 5. Changes and corrections for this release
	• Removed random arrow/bolt bounce-off. Arrows do not bounce off the player when hit on the edges of armour.
	• Fixed constant block after weapon switch. The block sometimes stayed effective after a weapon was changed to another.
	• Remove the player Ragdoll after 20 seconds. Dead bodies are removed after 20 seconds to save drawn polygones.
	• Removed team score at suicide.
	• Physics object can now be pushed by hitting them with melee weapons.
	• Reduced push of players when hit. Sometime caused players to fly far away.
	• Prop model torch01.mdl has reduced polycount and lods added. 
	• Player burnpain sounds changed, only plays burning sound and no hurt.
	• Halberd anims 3rd person changed. The stab wasn't showing very well, it was hard to see when a stab was performed.
	• Removed One-Hand-axe and Single-Dagger from Archers.
	• Halbardiers has no shield in outfit.
	• All classes move at 70% of full speed when strafing and backpedaling.
	• Classes with One-Hand-axe and Single-Dagger, move at 110% of full speed when weapon selected.
	• New propmodel of crucks shelter.
	• Overlay image (Parchment) on Minimap removed. You can now turn off the minimap with the console command "aoc_minimap".

	• Oilpot changes:
		* Reduced ammo to: oilpots: 2 (1 at spawn)
		* Oilpots can only be blocked with shield.
		* Oilpot doesn't ignite team members.
		* Speed reduced to 80% when holding the oilpot in hand.
		* Speed reduced to 50% when aiming with the weapon (attack1 pressed).

	• Archer Longbow changes:
		* Can draw while moving, but speed reduced with 50%.
		* Auto selects next best weapon when out of arrows.
		* Sprint will cancel draw.
		* Reduced ammo to: arrows: 20
		* Animation changes:
			- Made reload shorter.
			- Made the held aim not show the hand next to face.
			- Faster transition animations.
			- You are now able to fire about 20-25 arrows per minute.

	• Archer Crossbow changes:
		* Increased ammo to: bolts: 15

	• Archer Spearmen changes:
		* Removed oilpots

	• Stoneshill updated with following changes:
		* Ramp on Siegetower can no longer be blocked.
		* Catapult near the village can no longer be rotated 360 degrees, reduced to 135 degrees.
		* Invisible blocks added to a few more places. To stop players from getting where they shouldnt.

	• Dark Forest updated with the following changes:
		* Added Invisible blocks to broken tower at gate, so you can no longer climb up on the tower.
		* Invisible blocks added to a few more places. To stop players from getting where they shouldnt.
		* Added fog to become visible in aqueduct after the vagon has polluted.

	• Major overhaul on weapons to balance them out.
		* Broadsword & Shields reach increased.
		* Broadsword & Shield had their swing 2 trace data tightened.
		* Broadsword length on stab shortened. Fixes the bug where the Broadsword had a too long reach.
		* Double axe swing2 tracing was redone to make it tighter.
		* Double axe reach decreased with 2 game units to make it match animations better.
		* Double axe swing2 damage increased to 125 to kill knights in one hit.
		* Flail damage decreased but still strong for speed of attacks.
		* Flamberge damage increased to compensate for slow parry and attacks. 
		  A full damage stab should now kill footmen and archers in one hit.
		* Flamberge/Shield reach and damage increased to make it a comprable melee weapon. 
		  Still weaker then two handed version.
		* Halberds damage decreased and modified. Halberd Agatha team has stronger swing1 & swing2 
		  where as Halberd Mason team has stronger stab.
		* Halberd Agatha team had reach decreased by 2 game units on all attacks to align them 
		  with animations.
		* Halberd Mason team had trace data tightened on stab. Also had reach on swing1 and swing2 
		  decreased by 2 game units to match animations.
		* Longsword damage increased to compensate for slower swing and make it a comparable weapon 
		  compared to other knights selections.
		* Longsword/Shield damage and range increased.
		* Mace/Spiked and shields trace data tightened.
		* Spear & Buckler stab reach increased by 2 game units.
		* Shortsword range increased to fix third person animations going through player models 
		  because of low reach.

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