Half-Life 2: Axe Weapon Model - Crowbar Replacement

hl2axev2.zip —


This is version 2 of Slip's excellent Axe weapon model. As with the previous version, this replaces the crowbar in Half-life 2 but this version also contains 3 different skin choices, reflection maps, and a w_model.

Nice job!



Now contains w_model, reflection maps, and 2 new skins to choose from.

Extract to: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\[yourusername]\half-life 2\hl2

*If you want to use the other skin types, simply extract the contents from either the worn-out or clean folder to your: hl2\materials\models\v_crowbar directory and choose to overwrite.

Replaces crowbar.

The files in this package are copyright of the respective owners (Slip777-778-779-802, Slip), you may not modify this package, or any of the files within this package, without the explicit permission of the creators. You may redistribute these files, but not as part of any pack or collection of files other than the package in which they were originally released. Any redistribution must be freely available to the public, without requirement for any membership or fee, without password protection, and with the permission of the creators. Files must be removed from hosting at the request of any of the creators.

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