Half-Life 2 Cannabis Steam Skin

A Cannabis Steam Skin made by da_ghost


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A Cannabis Steam Skin made by da_ghost

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Download 'cannabissteamskin.zip' (171KB)

This is the cannabis steam skin

Cannabis Steam Skin ReadMe

1. Unzip the following archive
2. Copy the folder to /Program Files/Steam/skins  (should end up with /Program Files/Steam/Skins/skin name
3. Run steam
4. Right click on the tray icon
5. Click settings
6. Select the skins tab
7. Drop down the combo box and select the skin name
8. Restart steam and there you have it!!

Made By da_ghost Http://www.bh3000.tk
I.N.T. clan http://Www.int-clan.tk
if there are problems contact djdaghost@gmail.com
"another fine product of da_ghost"

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