Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag 1.41 Patch (Server Side Only)

For those of you who own servers for Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag, here's the 1.41 server side only patch, which fixes bugs that came with 1...


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For those of you who own servers for Half-Life 2 Capture the Flag, here's the 1.41 server side only patch, which fixes bugs that came with 1.4 and adds in some new features, like map and mode votes.

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Download 'hl2ctf_beta141_server.zip' (6.59MB)

Beta 1.41


This readme file will give you a quick crash course in all the basics of running HL2CTF. 

Server Cvars
ctf_capturelimit - sets how many captures are needed to win, default 8
ctf_arenamode - default 0, if set to 1 then players spawn with all weapons
ctf_gravitygun - default 0, set to 1 to enable to gravity gun
ctf_respawndelay - default 5, set for how many seconds a player should be dead
ctf_backwards - default 0, for a twist set this to 1 and team spawn points are reversed
ctf_warmup - default 0, set this to a # of seconds for a warmup round before game starts
ctf_requireready - default 0, set this to 1 to force players to type READY before match begins
ctf_autoteambalance - default 1, set to 0 to disable. This forces the teams to be even during play
ctf_allowmapvote - default 1, set to 0 to disable. This allows players to change the map via a vote
ctf_mercyrule - default 0, set to a non-zero value to set a max score difference for the game to end on
ctf_runes - default 0, set to 1 to enable runes spawning
ctf_capturestrike - default 0, set to 1 to enable CaptureStrike game mode
ctf_enablechatmacros - default 1, set to 0 to disable chat macros
ctf_oneflag - default 0, set to 1 to enable 1Flag game mode
ctf_domination - default 0, set to 1 to enable Domination game mode
ctf_stopwatch - default 0, set to 1 to enable Stopwatch game mode
ctf_stopwatch_timelimit - default 5, set to # of minutes to limit stopwatch rounds to, 0 for no limit
ctf_capturestrike_timelimit - default 5, set to # of minutes to limit capturestrike rounds to, 0 for no limit
ctf_overtime - default 2, # of minutes past time expired that a tie game is allowed to go
ctf_disablepropphysics - default 0, set to 1 to disable spawning of physics props in maps
ctf_mutespectators - default 0, set to 1 to prevent players in game from hearing spectator chat

Client Cvars
cl_autoweaponswitch - default 1, set to 0 to not switch weapons on pickup
cl_flagtext - default 1, set to 0 to disable flashing flag text when you have flag
cl_enemyflagtext - default 1, set to 0 to disable flashing flag text when enemy has your flag
cl_redenemy - default 0, set to 1 to have mouseover enemies always be red and friendlies always green

Loading a map

To load a map, type map <name> in the console. For example, to load the map ctf_defrost, type map ctf_defrost. If the server is already running,
use the changelevel command to change the map. For example, use changelevel ctf_defrost.

Joining a team

Use 'chooseteam' in the console. You can bind a key to this in the console by typing "bind x chooseteam". The default keys are F2 and M.

Taking the flag

The two flags will spawn on the map.  After you've joined a team, you can grab one and take it to the other one to score a capture. If you die while holding the flag, you will drop it. If the flag falls into certain unreachable areas, it will be returned to base.

HUD Explained

The CTF additions to the hud show the current score, the status of the flags, and indicators for if you're carrying the flag. If you are carrying the flag, you will see an icon of a player holding a flag in the top right corner of the screen. The flag indicators on the  screen have 3 states. If the flag looks normal, that means the flag is at base. If the flag is crooked, that means the flag has been dropped somewhere on the map. If the icon shows a player holding the flag, that means the flag is being carried by a player. It will also update the text to tell you where the flag is located or who is carrying it.

The indicator in the upper left portion of the screen tells which player is currently carrying the flag.


Your team scores 1 point for each flag capture. You get 1 point every time you kill an enemy player. The capture limit is controlled by the ctf_capturelimit cvar. By default it is set to 8, but you can modify it. Setting it to zero means no capture limit.

If you capture the flag, you get an additional 5 points. Returning the flag will give you 2 points. Killing an enemy next to your flag will give you 2 additional points. Killing the enemy flag carrier will give you an additional 2 points. An assist (returning the flag to allow someone to capture) will give 2 points.

Alternate Game Modes
HL2CTF also comes with some CTF derivatives that you can enable on your server. You can enable Stopwatch Mode by setting ctf_stopwatch 1. You can enable CaptureStrike mode by setting ctf_capturestrike 1. You can enable 1-Flag CTF mode by setting ctf_oneflag 1. You can enable Domination Mode by setting ctf_domination.

* Stopwatch CTF
In stopwatch mode, the teams take turns attacking to compete for the better time. One team starts out attacking and the other team starts out defending. The clock counts upward while the attackers try to capture the flag. Once they succeed (or they hit an optional timelimit) then the teams switch sides and the other team tries to capture the flag faster than the time the other team had. If they beat the clock, they will get a point. If not, the original team gets a point. Then the teams switch sides and the other team goes first to set the time to beat.

* 1-Flag CTF
In one flag mode, there is a neutral flag that spawns on the map. This is the only flag that can be picked up, the regular team flags will spawn at base but cannot be picked up. The object is to get the neutral flag and run it into the enemy base. You score by touching the enemy flag while holding the neutral flag.

* Domination CTF
In domination mode, there is one neutral flag. The object of the game is to grab the neutral flag and control it for the longest amount of time. Whoever controls the flag for the longest amount of time wins.

* CaptureStrike
In CaptureStrike mode, you start with all the weapons and once you die, you will stay dead until either one whole team is dead or the flag is captured.

* Vanilla CTF
Finally, if you don't enable any of these game modes, the game will play the regular CTF mode.

Ready System

If you want to use the ready system for your matches, set ctf_requireready 1 on the server. Then when people join, everyone sees a message that the game is waiting for everyone to be ready. During this time you can switch teams, practice, run around, and so on but no scores will be recorded. 

To indicate that you are ready, type "ready" in the console.

To see a list of who is ready and not ready, type "readylist" in the console.

Once everyone is ready, the map will reset and scores will be recorded.

Voting System

Players are now able to vote to change the map in game. If a vote in not already in progress, you can call one by typing:

mapvote <mapname> 

in the console. For example, "mapvote ctf_defrost". It will then display a message that a vote is in progress and players will have 30 seconds to vote yes or no. The commands for voting are "voteyes" and "voteno", which are bound by default to F3 and F4 respectively. Votes are counted by a simple majority. At the end of 30 seconds, if the majority has voted yes, then the map will be changed to the new map.

Chat Macros

HL2CTF provides some macros for chatting to allow you to quickly communicate information to teammates. You can use them in regular or team chat, just prefix them with a $. For example, you could chat "I have $H and $A" and it would come out as "I have 100 health and 32 armor". The chat macros that HL2CTF provides are listed below:

$H - My current health
$A - My current armor
$W - My current weapon
$M - My current ammo count
$S - My team name
$L - My current location
$Q - Enemy team name
$T - Current Rune/Tech Powerup

Mapping Entities
These entities spawn the flag:

ctf_return_flag is a trigger that will return the flag to base

CTF Team spawn points are


In order you make maps for HL2CTF, you need the FGD file that contains all the map entity definitions. You can download this from the HL2CTF website.


HL2CTF comes with some maps made by community mappers. In no particular order:

ctf_prisonriot by Keved (www.keved.com)
ctf_export by Raeven0 and MagicTMP
ctf_lambda_bunker by Atrocity and cman2k
ctf_gunshot by Atrocity and cman2k
ctf_storm by Atrocity and cman2k
ctf_subway by Susso
ctf_canals by Sander
ctf_stinger by amckern
ctf_combine by amckern
ctf_pillars by Solder-of-BaL
ctf_portalstorm by BlueStrike


Thanks to all our playtesters who helped us find bugs and improve the game! We couldn't have done it without you guys!

Josh "Studderoxorzs" Perry
The MHO Guys
Carlos "cman2k" Montero

Thanks also to Gun-Nut, RipeX, and keved for creating custom decals.

Thanks to amckern for running the HL2CTF site on MODDB.

And anyone else we missed!

We want to hear about everything! Any errors or warnings you get in the console, and missing sounds or textures you find, let us know! www.hl2ctf.com

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