Half-Life 2 Capture The Flag Full

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Beta 1.5 is here! In addition to the numerous fixes and tweaks, Beta 1.5 includes many new features.

Features: 2 new maps, ctf_raven and ctf_thegreatwall. Added voice radio commands A bind to move the flag from being carried into your gravity gun Placable sentry turrets Scoreboard icons Improved hud, Chat macro for location Game mode displayed in server browser And much more!

Remember to un-install any previous versions from /Sourcemods folder!



* Added ctf_raven
* Added ctf_greatwall
* Updated ctf_dirtwork
* Updated ctf_portalstorm
* Updated ctf_subway
* Updated ctf_lambda_bunker
* Updated ctf_canals
* Updated ctf_export

* Fixed ladder movement
* Added support for SourceTV
* Added command to automatically move flag to gravity gun
* Added radio commands
* Added scoreboard icons
* Added placable sentry turrets
* Added text under rune icons to tell which ones they are
* Added flag defend and enemy flag carrier kill awards to log
* Added chat macro for current location ($L)
* Reduced carried combine ball ammo to 2
* Combine balls can now kill the player who fired them
* Game mode is now displayed in server browser
* Enabled haste rune for increased sprinting power
* Domination now periodically displays location of flag carrier
* Renamed weapon switch cvar to cl_autowepswitch to be same as HL2DM
* Improved rune models with more visible markings
* Changed combine footstep sounds to be the same as rebels
* Added sound for rune expiring
* Reworked the Domination Mode HUD to make it smaller
* Increased protection given by Shield Rune
* Increased recovery rate given by Regen Rune
* Increased rate of health and suit chargers
* Improved Warmup HUD
* Added main menu music
* Voting now uses VGUI menus
* Renamed "mapvote" command to "ctfmapvote"
* Renamed "gamemodevote" command to "ctfgamemodevote"
* Added "no slam zone" entity for mappers
* Added optional score handicap for matches
* Integrated latest SDK code

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed infinite ammo exploit from HL2DM
* Fixed several maps crashing on linux
* Fixed first person spectator mode
* Fixed player death log not conforming to Half-Life Standard Log Format Specification
* Fixed flag carrier icon not displaying in Domination Mode
* Fixed Domination Mode sometimes continuing play when victory for one team was impossible
* Fixed spectators being able to use health chargers
* Fixed spectators being able to use func_buttons
* Fixed require ready message sometimes not disappearing
* Fixed problems caused by switching teams via changing models
* Fixed grenade pickups when weapon stay is enabled
* Fixed bug where Sudden Death sound would play when time expired if overtime was disabled
* Placed slams are now removed at end of warmup
* Removed error messages in console for unused weapons
* Fixed suicide death notice when initially joining team
* Running out of suit power while sprinting no longer turns off flashlight
* Fixed crash caused by ctf_mutespectators and console talking

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