Half-Life 2: City Rebellion Mod

Here's the next release of the "City Rebellion" maps.

You'll start off fighting off a few waves of Combine troops, and then leaving throu...


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Here's the next release of the "City Rebellion" maps.

You'll start off fighting off a few waves of Combine troops, and then leaving through some tunnels to your group's base. Then you'll wind up heading through some old maze-like tunnels, coming out on a small Combine installation and then proceeding to another building where the scenario ends.

The maps are of the highest quality; I got virtually no graphical lag, props and items are placed carefully and realistically, and this actually manages to recreate the same atmosphere that Valve did; the worst I saw were a few lightmap errors and inconsistencies. Still, the tunnel sequences were a bit too confusing, and I frequently had to use noclip just to find where I needed to go. As for the mod itself, the only real difference is that your hands are of a rebel, not an HEV suit. Also, for some reason, playing at 1280x1024 resolution cuts off the Auxilary power and ammo dialogs, so I can't see how much power or ammo I have. Also, the scene in the infirmary takes too long.

Still, it's good fun (albeit short-lived), and it's not that large of a download, so if it sounds interesting, go ahead and get it!

(Note that this plays like a mod, not a seperate map, so you'll need to place the folder in your SourceMods directory and restart Steam after that's done.)

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Download 'cityrebellionr2.zip' (26.02MB)

City Rebellion Release 2

By Eric Flynn

MAKE SURE STEAM IS NOT RUNNING (as it will save you one step).

EXTRACT this folder into your "\SteamApps\SourceMods" directory (probably C:\Program Files\steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\), but this can be different based upon your steam installation folder. It will automatically create a CityRebellion directory.

If Steam WAS running, close it down, and restart it, the mod should then show up under your "Games" listing as "City Rebellion R2".

If you want to create a desktop shortcut, there is icon.ico in the cityrebellion folder that can be used for the shortcut. Since I will no longer release an exe installer due to security concerns, a shortcut is no longer automatically created.

Chapter 2:

You've managed to escape from the Combine's raid on your outpost. However, you're still far from safe. You must make your way to the rebel's outpost before you can rest...

Chapter 1:

As a citizen of one of many Combine occupied cities, you are a member of the city resistence (CR) organization. Your numbers are small, but you all have a dream of a free city. It is your job to eletronically spy on the Combine, to relay the information you gain back to the CR HQ. 

These outposts tend to be stationed in old buildings, neglected from another life time. The lifespan of these operators tends to be short, with only a single mistake leading to a Combine raid to permanently close the outpost.

You are assigned one such outpost in an abandoned warehouse at the edge of the city. It is just a normal day until...


Chapter 1:

- The Combine will come in waves, be sure to find yourself a good spot where you will have the advantage over their greater numbers.

- Get downstairs and ready your weapons quickly, there are no weapons upstairs.

- Don't dawdle when your escape is set, get out of there.

- Gameplay should be about 10 minutes, it's on the short side, but should be fun.

Chapter 2:

- Holding down crouch while climbing ladders can make it easier to dismount in certain locations.

- Sometimes killing every enemy isn't worth if you're low on ammo.

- Gameplay across all three maps should be about an hour.


- During testing there were several times when entities (npcs, props, etc.) would not render, but were still behave  normally.

If this did occur it only happened when levels were loaded directly from the console. If you play it how it was designed, from chapter starts, there shouldn't be a problem. If you do have get this problem, save and then load from the save point, which fixed the issue in testing. If that does not work, contact me at esflynn@gmail.com.


- I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did making this. With Chapter 2 released, work on Chapter 3 has begun. I anticipate another 4-6 week wait.

- I am no longer including the map sources due to size issues. I have had little feed back on these, and since I want to make the release as small as possible, they have been cut. If there is considerable interest, they might make a return. If you are a mapper who is interested in the file source, I'd be happy to send you a copy, just send me an legible email request.

- Warehouse map from first release is now known as cr1_1, as has the background map been appropriately renamed.

- Finally, as a teaser, Release 3 should feature another 2-3 maps, with more combat than this release. There will also be more custom voice over (of better quality as well). I'm very excited about it.



Valve for a great game
HL2 Modding Community
Interlopers.net - Several years of potential problems already explored and solved.
Adam Foster for Minvera - I never would have realize how good community maps could be.

Special Thanks:

Ryan Flynn
Jamie Holm
File hosting websites

Copyright © Eric Flynn 2007 - Maps and writing 
Everything else Copyright © Valve Software

Please let me know what you think.
Eric Flynn

I'm looking for work, feel free to contact me.

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