Half Life 2 Combine Elite Police Skin

half_life2_odb666_elitecop_skin1.ace —


Finally a reskin for the Combine Police! There haven't been many in quite some time. This skin reskins the Combine Metropolice from Half Life 2 to have camo, as well as new badges, labels, etc. Obviously the most noticeable change is the addition of various shades of black , gray, and white to the Combine uniform, giving it an urban camo look. Also, the cop's belt, along with the items on the belt, have been reskinned to match the rest of the uniform, as well as red labels having been added, presumebly to mean "Elite" status. Overall a good new skin for the Combine Metropolice that's good if you feel like varying up your gameplay a little.



=ODB666= elitecop skin v1 by DEMON(A)CE=odb666= august 2005

To install as a single player replacement install to Steam/SteamApps/user/Half life 2/hl2/materials/models/Police

To install as a multi player replacement extract to Steam/SteamApps/user/Half life 2 Deathmatch/hl2mp/materials/models/Police

To instal in the ctf mod Steam/SteamApps/user/HL2ctf/materials/models/Police

- if you don t have a police folder create it !

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