Half-Life 2 Crimson DeathBringer Skin

Crimson DeathBringer

My 2nd Skin, Hope yall dig it. For Combine Super Soldier. Inspired by Fragger's Black Armored Elite Skin. (GREAT...


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Crimson DeathBringer

My 2nd Skin, Hope yall dig it. For Combine Super Soldier. Inspired by Fragger's Black Armored Elite Skin. (GREAT Skin, ya oughtta download it if you aint already. It is located in the Skin Packs Section of this site.)

I actually Modded this skin directly off of his skin, rather than the original "white soldier" texture. So Credit to Fragger here. (particularly the Torso Body Armor Replacement)

Post any questions below and I will check back and try to answer. Thanks

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Download 'crimson_deathbringer_skin.rar' (757KB)


Name: Crimson DeathBringer
Description: HL2 Skin for Combine Super Soldier Model
Date: 6/14/05
Author: Loiterer

INSTALL Skin-   (Note:  You may have to Create Folders)

Extract the .VTF  File (Simply Right CLick Cut And Paste) into - 
Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR_NAME\half-life 2  deathmatch\hl2mp\materials\models\combine_soldier

- - Simply Create Any Folders that Do Not already exist.- -

Folders that You may Have to Create ARE    :materials\models\combine_soldier

(NOTE: for Extra Reflective Version, Open Extra Reflective Layer folder found in this rar, cut and 
paste the .vtf file into the same folder as above.  Along With the first file and Not Instead of.
Sometimes the extra reflective looks great and other times it makes him look like chrome.
To ReMove it, simply delete the .vtf file from where you placed it. It is the one that has
the word"Normal" in it's name.)


Simply Delete the File from where you placed it. (inside the combine_soldier folder)
(You may leave the empty folders where they are, they should not effect gameplay. 
And that way, they are already there when you wanna try other skins)

- - - - -
For Single Player (Create any Folders Needed again) &
 Extract .vtf file to :half-life 2\hl2\materials\models\combine_soldier
- - - - -

INSTALL Player Icon -    (Note:  You may have to Create Folder(s))
Open the folder named Player Icon found in this rar, 
right click cut the .vtf file from there  and  right click paste it into.......
Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOUR_NAME\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\materials\VGUI\playermodels
(Note: Folder[s] that You may Have to Create are [is]  "playermodels")

UNINSTALL Player Icon - simply delete the .vtf file from where you put it.

installation,at Your Own Risk
NEITHER  i, filefront,  NOR  valve are responsible for any damage done.
You are on your own.
(That kinda sounds scary. Everyone else adds a Warning, So I be danged if I'm gonna Leave it out)


I took Fragger's Black Armored Elite Skin and Made it into a Red Armored soldier
with Black Cyclops Eye (which makes the eye more reflective it seems to me) and
replaced the Emblem on his arm with a Military Death Card.

This is my Second skin, I really hope yall enjoy it. 
If ya like it,....Cool,   If ya don't like it,..... sorry that ya wasted ya time downloadin it.

Take it easy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

GREAT BIG Thanks to:

Valve for Ya Know
The WHOLE community (especially Fragger).
halflife2.filefront.com  for a Cool place to Hang Out.
Someone named 1337 Penguin who made a Tutorial that Helped me Tremendously
and oh yeah, My Parents     



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