Half-Life 2: Crystalline Mod Full Install

The Crystal Universe is ending. Destructive energy is spawning chaos beings that seek to destroy the once so peaceful place. In the very las...


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File Description

The Crystal Universe is ending. Destructive energy is spawning chaos beings that seek to destroy the once so peaceful place. In the very last moment before the final collapse the greatest crystals use their residual energy to create an avatar. This new crystal must collect the remaining invaluable energy crystals. With these energy crystals the last crystal structures will be able to escape safely to another dimension.

In Crystalline the player controls the character in an abstract universe. While collecting energy crystals the player must avoid the dangerous chaos beings. Stopping them from dissolving the remaining crystal structures is the last hope of saving the crystalline beings.

Please take note that Crystalline is to be considered a prototype and that a lot of planned features didn't make it into the released game. With only one month and no experienced programmers we had to prioritize a lot. Still we think it has been wonderful to create the game and we hope you will enjoy trying it out.

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Game hints:
Due to time constraints the game is largely unballanced and there is no in-game hints to what you must do. But do try the following: collect small crystals to boost your energy. Use this energy to kill Chaos beings and gain points. Collect the large super crystals and bring them to the even larger crystal structures. With three super crystals in the correct color they will disappear and you will gain loads of points. All the large crystal structures are located quite close to the green cloud where you spawn. The game ends when you have lost your last life.

We didn't have time to do all the feedback system (especially a lot of fancy particle systems) and there is no hi-score list. But still do enjoy the casual experience that Crystalline still is.

/The Mad Month team

Known game bugs
- Green super crystals are not spawned dynamicly
- Avatar animations are not timed
- Game entities can spawn outside game play area
- Some animations are not looped perfectly
- Some entitiy spawns does not have animation
- Hit boxes are not optimized
- There are no real end game conditions
- When you loose your last life the game simply returns to the game menu

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