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CSS SCI FI is a single player Half-Life 2 modification for SMOD. Maps from Counter Strike: Source are used as the setting for intense "Count...


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CSS SCI FI is a single player Half-Life 2 modification for SMOD. Maps from Counter Strike: Source are used as the setting for intense "Counter Combine" action. CSS SCI FI mixes random generation of enemies and resources with map-specific scripting to create a fully realised and readily replayable game.

The latest CSS SCI FI 2.0 release contains scripts which enable SMOD to be used to play 12 custom maps, in addition to the 15 original Counter-Strike: Source maps. All custom maps are unmodified and installed to your Counter Strike: Source maps folder in their original state, including bot navs and author documentation. With one installation you can play each map in three ways: against humans online, against bots in Counter Strike: Source, or against HL2 AI in SMOD.

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Download 'css_sci_fi_2_0.zip' (190.26MB)

-- CSS SCI FI 2.0 --
An SMOD mod by Fitzroy_Doll
Based on an idea by the SMOD author.

CSS SCI FI homepage:

SMOD homepage:


CSS SCI FI is a single player modification for SMOD. Maps from Counter Strike: Source are used as the setting for intense Half-Life 2 "Counter Combine" action. CSS SCI FI mixes random generation of enemies and resources with map-specific scripting to create a fully realised and readily replayable game.

The latest CSS SCI FI 2.0 release contains scripts enable you to use SMOD to play 12 user-made custom maps, in addition to the 15 original Counter-Strike: Source maps. All custom maps are unmodified and installed to your Counter Strike: Source maps folder in their original state, including bot navs and author documentation. With one installation you can play each map in three ways: against humans online, against bots in Counter Strike: Source, or against HL2 AI in SMOD.

Within each map the player spawns with a randomly selected and armed team of fellow citizens, who are optionally assisted by Alyx, Barney and a further randomly selected ally. These forces are pitted against a fixed number of Combine, whose type and armament is also randomly determined. Between the two forces is a random assortment of zombies and autonomous Combine weapons. The goal of the player is to eliminate all of the Combine forces, or to rescue at least one hostage alive, depending on the type of map. In CSS SCI FI 2.0, the player is given additional tasks, such as to find a particular weapon, eliminate a specific NPC, or protect an NPC from death.

In addition to allies and enemies, maps contain a randomly determined number of resources held in crates, which the player will need to survive and win the game. Randomly generated props appropriate to the theme of the map are also seeded through the map in order to provide additional interest and challenge.

Players will also face enemies including helicopters, gunships, apcs and other challenges, whose behaviour is tightly controlled through scripting in order to produce a challenging yet realistic gameplay experience.


1. Requirements
2. Installation
3. Configuration
4. Running the game
5. What to do when SMOD is patched
6. Compatibility
7. Uninstallation
8. Gameplay issues
9. Gameplay tips
10. Project questions
11. Changelog
12. Credits
13. Contact
14. Legal

1. Requirements

Half-Life 2
Counter-Strike: Source

2. Installation

CSS SCI FI is packaged as a fully functioning installer. To install the game, ensure you have a full version of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source installed, then run the installation program.

During installation, SMOD 39B2 will be installed to your SourceMods directory, and CSS SCI FI will be installed within the smod folder. Because CSS SCI FI is a mod for SMOD, only SMOD will appear in your Steam window. To play, simply run SMOD and choose a map in the new game menu.

All custom Counter-Strike: Source maps and nav files will be installed to your cstrike\maps directory as normal. This means that with one installation you will be able to play the included maps in Counter-Strike: Source, either online or against bots, or in SMOD against scripted HL2 AI.

During installation you will be asked to choose a number of configuration options. All options can be adjusted at any time by using the SMOD Configuration Utility. For more about this feature, please see the configuration readme.

3. Configuration

After you have completed installation, you are ready to play. If you would like to try a different configuration, simply run the SMOD Configuration Utility, which you will find in your SMOD directory and your start menu. This will guide you through the game options for SMOD. After running this utility, you do not need to take any further action - the game is now ready to play.

Please see the configuration readme for more details on the SMOD Configuration Utility.

4. Running the game

CSS SCI FI has been fully integrated into the main SMOD chapter menu. To play a map, start SMOD and then select "New Game". You will find all 27 CSS SCI FI maps, followed by the Half Life 2 single player campaign. Because the chapter menu is limited to 32 chapters, not all of the HL2 single player chapters can be displayed. If you wish to play a Half-Life 2 single player campaign chapter which starts at a different point in the story, please run the SMOD Configuration Utility and choose the option to install the original HL2 chapter menu. Using this feature you can switch between the CSS SCI FI menu and the HL2 chapter menu at any time.

You may also use the shortcuts in the CSS SCI FI folder in your start menu in order to skip the game menu and go straight to a map of your choice. If you have not chosen to install shortcuts, then simply double click a batch file in your sourcemods\smod\batch_files directory in order to play a map. Do not load the maps from the console, as this can cause confusion due to the large number of unmodified maps you may have already installed.

Like many HL2 mods, please note that loading times are very long initially, but improve once the game is running. Please be patient.

5. What to do when SMOD is patched

SMOD is patched and upgraded frequently. All new releases can be found at the SMOD forum or at the official download mirror. For each numbered version, such as 39, there will be a cumulative lettered patch, for example smod39b.zip. To install the patch unzip the patch to your SourceMods directory, being sure to overwrite all files. To install an updated numbered version of SMOD, follow the same procedure. It is not necessary to delete your SMOD installation prior to upgrading or patching.

After patching or upgrading, you must run the SMOD Configuration Utility and choose the option at the end to "restore core files". This will ensure that you have both the latest version of SMOD as well as a fully functioning installation of CSS SCI FI. If there are any incompatibilities between a new SMOD patch or version and CSS SCI FI, a CSS SCI FI patch will be released via the mod website and the CSS SCI FI Moddb profile.

6. Compatibility

CSS SCI FI has been designed for SMOD only. While every effort has been made to avoid the use of custom models and weapons, players may experience issues when using this mod in conjunction with other mods such as SMOD Tactical or SMOD Damage.

7. Uninstallation

CSS SCI FI includes a full uninstaller. This will remove all CSS SCI FI files and will return SMOD to its default state. Installed Counter-Strike: Source maps will not be removed.

8. Gameplay issues

1. Long initial loading times. This is normal for Half-Life 2 and cannot be improved. Once the first map has loaded, subsequent loads will be faster.

2. It crashes/runs poorly. First, check Steam Support ( http://support.steampowered.com/cgi-bin/steampowered.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=397 ) and the HL2 TweakGuide ( http://www.tweakguides.com/HL2_1.html ) and ensure that you have performed all necessary maintenance to improve the performance of the game, including updating to the latest version of your graphics drivers. Most crashes relate to difficulties with system memory, so ensure you have plenty of RAM and that it is in good working order.

If performance is still poor, run the SMOD Configuration Utility and choose less expensive options. Settings which will reduce framerates are:

"Maximum" on the Performance page.
"Bloom with exposure" on the Bloom page.
"Full ragdoll collisions" on the Game enhancements page.
"Extra Enemies" on the Gameplay options page.

All of these should be disabled if you are having performance difficulties. For more about how various settings in the SMOD Configuration Utility can impact performance, please see the Configuration readme.

3. Game is too difficult/easy. If you find the game too difficult (or too easy), quit and re-run the SMOD Configuration Utility to select easier or harder options. After running the configuration utility you can still set the difficulty to Easy, Medium or Hard in the options menu as normal, thereby allowing you to create a combination that suits you. In general, the game > options skill setting relates to damage and health, with easier settings making your weapons more effective and enemies weaker. The SMOD Configuration Utility primarily adjusts accuracy and behaviour. Easier settings mean that your allies get more hits and enemies fewer, while harder settings mean that enemies are more aggressive, miss less often and fire for longer periods. For more settings which may affect difficulty, please see the Configuration readme.

The CS Hostage rescue maps are the most difficult, while large custom maps such as Battleship and Bluecorridor contain the most enemies. You may wish to practice on smaller maps such as Tides, Train or Prodigy before tackling the bigger maps.

4. Changing back to the standard Half-Life 2 chapter menu. To change the New Game chapter menu back to the standard display of the HL2 single player campaign chapters, simply run the SMOD Configuration Utility and choose "Original Half-Life 2 chapter menu" on the Game options page.

9. Gameplay tips

1. Save often. Though these are Counter-Strike:Source maps, the gameplay is pure HL2: you do not have to win in one round without dying.

2. Keep an eye on Alyx. If you enable Alyx in the SMOD Configuration Utility, she will lead you to the hostages in CS maps, and if nothing else, you may wish to use her pistol after she dies.

3. Use squad commands. Your Citizen squad, including hostages, can be commanded. Use C to send them to a location under your crosshair, and CC (C twice) to recall them. If sent to a location, they will remain there until recalled. This can be useful to get them out of the way, or to send them to a place of safety while you clear an area. Citizen allies will either give you health or ammunition, so keep them alive as long as you can.

4. Hostage rescue. There are two ways to win a hostage map. The first, and easiest, is to park your hostages in a safe place while you clear the way to the rescue zone. Then stroll to the rescue zone to win the game. The second is to make a dash for the rescue zone with the hostages in tow. Remember that you must rescue all living hostages in a map to win the game. After you rescue the hostages, all Combine will be removed from the map, including their weapons, even if they are already in your inventory. This is normal (you've won!).

5. RPG. If you start the map with an RPG you will usually have to deal with one or more large enemies. Don't waste your ammo on smaller targets unless you have located an rpg ammo crate.

6. Rollermines and hopper mines. Use grenades or rockets to destroy rollermines, in combination with an smg or shotgun to push them towards the blast. Rollermines can also be incinerated using the ANM14 grenade or the Flaregun. Hopper mines can be sprinted past if you are careful (but be sure to send any followers somewhere else first).

7. Special grenades. Special grenades (anm14, gravity grenade and motion sensor) use the same ammo counter as your normal frag grenades. The number of these you can carry is equal to the number of frag grenades you are carrying (but they are very rare).

8. Weapons share models. Some weapons share models. The Flaregun (weapon_flaregun) uses the same model as the Pistol (weapon_pistol). If you break open a crate and find pistols, be sure to pick them up as they are Flareguns and are very useful for setting Combine soldiers on fire. The Lasergun (weapon_lasergun) shares its model with the Combine Pulse Rifle (weapon_ar2). You will only find this weapon on dead Combine.

9. APC issues. There are two issues which can arise in maps featuring the Combine APC. The first is that friendly NPCs will not attack the APC, even if it is attacking them. This is because NPCs can only hate and attack other NPCs, not inanimate objects such as the APC.

The second issue is that if a saved game is loaded while an APC is attached to a Combine Dropship, when it is dropped it will have no mass and will fly around the map in a bizarre fashion. This is only an issue in Ancient Town. The solution is to not save or load a game until the APC has touched down, about 30 seconds into the game.

10. Project questions

1. Were any maps decompiled to make this? Absolutely not. All maps are byte for byte the originals as released by their respective authors, and are included in the installation package only as a convenience to players of CSS SCI FI. All maps are fully playable using SMOD or Counter Strike: Source. No files need to be moved or copied to switch between SMOD and Counter-Strike:Source, all you need to do is start the game of your choice and the maps will be available.

2. Some maps are missing. CS Italy, CS Havana and CS Compound. These three maps are missing from CSS SCI FI due to difficulties with converting their nav files to SMOD node lists. They may form part of a future release.

3. What's the point of this project? These script files solve a long standing problem in HL2 editing: how do I legitimately make maps for HL2 which make use of CS:S content? According to the relevant article in the Developer Wiki, all content for each game must remain in its original GCF, which means you can use the content, but not if you extract it and re-distribute it. Essentially this means that you will never be able to watch a Combine Gunship sweep down through the autumnal leaves of Militia or see a strider stalking the swampy ground of Aztec. Until now…

4. Can I use these scripts as a basis for my own releases? Of course. Our benefactor, the original author of SMOD, has made the game in such a way that editing is easy, and one person's project can become the basis for another. I only ask that you credit me (fitzroy_doll), this website: (http://www.amphibian.myzen.co.uk/css_sci_fi) and the SMOD author as originators of the scripts, and let me know so I can check it out! CSS SCI FI is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license, so be sure you understand the terms of this license before reusing any content.

5. Is Vista supported? Yes, as long as you run both the installer and the SMOD Configuration Utility with full administration rights, it should not produce any problems. However, I do not have access to a copy of Vista so if anyone using Vista and this game would like to give me feedback, then please do so at antiscope@gmail.com.

6. Are translations of the SMOD Configuration Utility available? Not at present, but if you would like to help then please get in touch at antiscope@gmail.com.

7. Help and support. If you have a question about CSS SCI FI and have read all the enclosed documentation but still can't find what you're looking for, then please check the CSS SCI FI moddb profile or send me an email.

11. Changelog

2.0 June 2007

    * Added 12 custom maps.

1.5 June 2007

    * Expanded SMOD Configuration Utility to include features in SMOD 39B, along with more detailed preference settings.
    * Included SMOD 39B2. Players now no longer need to download SMOD separately. SMOD 39B2 fixes all ladders and displacements as well as the ammo problems in the RPG, msbomb and lasergun. These weapons now appear at low frequency.
    * Added a number of special weapons to the item crate spawns.
    * Improved precaching. All maps will load much faster and run far more smoothly than before. Crashes should now be very rare.
    * Improved Alyx's navigation. She and her team will now find the hostages in CS maps for you and will defend them until she dies.
    * Improved Citizen allies. All citizen allies now spawn as medics or ammo resuppliers.
    * Improved Hostage triggers. Hostages will not join you until you have triggered the hostage rescue entity.
    * Hostage triggers have been reduced in size in some maps so that they can no longer be triggered through closed doors and walls.
    * Fixed prop spawns so they never conflict with the player start.
    * Reduced the speed of speedhacked Combine.
    * Changed the grenade system for Combine.
    * Reduced damage done by NPCs using the SVD sniper rifle.
    * Ammo capacity of AR2 increased to 90, to increase its usefulness for people using only one rifle at a time.
    * Added capacity to choose player allies and enemies which appear in each map.
    * Weapon spawns are now specific to the type of NPC.
    * Maps now fade and disconnect automatically when a map has been won.
    * Added new commands to keyboard layout options.
    * Set Combine Ace colour, now that the colour is retained on the ragdoll.
    * Scripting changes to Militia, Nuke, Prodigy and Dust which improve gameplay and performance.

1.3 March 2007

    * Full installation version.
    * Integrated CSS maps into chapter menu
    * Numerous configuration changes.
    * Wrote the SMOD Config Utility
    * Made all prop spawns map and context specific (so no more rusty bed frames in Office).
    * Changed the way that the SVD is selected for the Combine to make it more rare.
    * Changed the way Combine Aces and Cloaked Combine are selected to make them more rare.
    * More minor tweaks to CS Militia.

1.2 February 2007

    * Fixed a problem in Port that could lead to endlessly spawning reinforcements.
    * Fixed a problem in Nuke that prevented the end from being triggered.
    * Fixed a problem in Office that might result in the hostages being executed early.
      Various improvements to CS Militia.
    * Removed mines from the tunnels in Chateau.
    * Added custom weapon weight (controls the order in which npcs prioritise weapons).

1.1 January 2007

    * Rewrote configs and introduced variable skill system. Players can now set skill level using the autoexec.

1.0 January 2007

    * Initial Release

12. Credits

CSS SCI FI was produced between October 2006 and June 2007 by fitzroy_doll.

SMOD author: Original scripts upon which CSS SCI FI is based, not to mention SMOD itself! http://accept.hopto.org/smod/
Valve: Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. http://www.valvesoftware.com/
fitzroy_doll: All scripting, configuration utility, website. 

Bluestrike : Cs_Beirut_HDR and De_Battleship_HDR. http://www.bluestrike.be/
DjBourgeoisie : Cs_Xcom. http://www.djs-mappingworld.com/
eXpendabLe (Scott Hilbrands): De_Toxin_50. http://www.expendable.us/
Grazer (Jürgen Oswald): De_Atown. http://newdawn.paynereactor.com/portfolio/index.html
jamin620 (Benjamin Rosen): De_Venice.
Magikus & StarDOOd (doods.com): De_Nightfever. http://www.d00ds.com/
R_Yell (A. Oliver): Cs_Harvest.
Raylord (Anton G. Zyryanov): De_Monach1. http://raylord.alfaspace.net/
Schuzak : De_BlueCorridor. http://www.schuzak.jp/
Tetsu ( Tetsuya Yamamoto): De_Biolabo. http://www.geocities.jp/palaceofdune/
Turtle Rock Studios: Various Counter-Strike: Source maps. http://www.turtlerockstudios.com/ 
Valve: Various Counter-Strike: Source maps. http://www.valvesoftware.com/
Vig (Mark Dygert) : De_Lochs. http://www.vigville.com/
Barndoor: Navs for De_Venice, De_Lochs and Cs_Xcom. http://www.tequilakawa.plus.com/

Stard00d http://www.d00ds.com/
Stef http://spmapcorner.blogspot.com/
Tetsu ( Tetsuya Yamamoto) http://www.geocities.jp/palaceofdune/
Your Evil Twin

Miss Monorom for the base css for this website. http://www.intensivstation.ch/
Nullsoft for making such a thoroughly useful installer system. http://nsis.sourceforge.net/
Valve Developer Community without which none of this would be possible. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Main_Page
Vergeh for writing the only good translation of the SMOD documentation to emerge so far. http://vergeh.livejournal.com/

13. Contact

For full information about the project, please visit the website:



June 2007

14. Legal
CSS SCI FI and this website are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 legal code. You are free to share and remix the work, but you must give attribution (fitzroy_doll and the SMOD author) and cannot use any resulting work in a commercial product.

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