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CSS SCI FI is a single-player mod for Half-Life 2. Using the latest version of SMOD, which is included, the mod puts the player through 27 i...


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CSS SCI FI is a single-player mod for Half-Life 2. Using the latest version of SMOD, which is included, the mod puts the player through 27 intense combat missions set in Counter-Strike: Source environments. Each map contains a unique scripted scenario which is enhanced by random scripting so that the game is never the same twice. Players will fight everything from Striders to slave Vortigaunts, plus a range of Combine enemies armed with many new weapons.


-Includes the SMOD Configuration Utility, a dialogue based program which sets all SMOD options including everything from health regeneration to tracer bullets. -Includes 12 user-made maps, such as the popular DE_Nightfever and CS_Beirut_HDR. -Includes SMOD 39D2. No need for additional downloads. -Contains a total of 27 hand scripted maps which can be played as two unique campaigns.


- Half-Life 2 - Counter-Strike: Source

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Download 'css_sci_fi_2.1_full.zip' (190.51MB)

-- CSS SCI FI 2.1 --

What's new in version 2.1


2.1 October 2007
	* Added "Campaign Mode" to the retail and custom map packs. All 27 maps can now be played as a 12 or 15 map campaign. Players can also select "Round Mode" in the SMOD Configuration Utility, which reloads the current map when the objectives are complete.
	* Upgraded SMOD to 39D2. This adds four new bullet time modes which can be enabled using the SMOD Configuration Utility.
	* Fixed scripting problems in several maps which could cause issues if the game is loaded from a save.
	* Enhanced performance of some maps and improved AI behaviour in many maps.
	* Remade DE_Train with new goals.
	* Created new node graphs for Port, Nuke, Militia and Beirut, which give improved AI behaviour.
	* Changed AI behaviour so that if only one enemy remains he will stop moving around the map. This makes it easier for the player to find and eliminate.
	* Changed player weapons so that the player starts with more effective weapons in harder missions.
	* On screen text has been cleaned up.
	* Fixed missing sound references for snow footsteps and nightvision.
	* Fixed missing antlions in Coast levels.
	* Changed shield rules so that more NPCs have a chance to use facemasks and riot shields.
	* Added soundscapes to some custom levels which were previously silent.
	* Added ability to play Lost Coast.


For full information about the project, please visit the website:



October 2007

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