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This is just a full install of the new HL2 CTF Beta 1.7 Pro Mode made in Two new maps (Floodzone and NP Refinery) along with changes to all...


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This is just a full install of the new HL2 CTF Beta 1.7 Pro Mode made in Two new maps (Floodzone and NP Refinery) along with changes to all of the other maps, code updates and introducing HDR Bloom. For those who want to make a server, this is your file :) Changelog Posted Below.

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Download 'hl2ctf17_server.zip' (132.89MB)

HL2:CTF Beta 1.7 Changelog:
Added: Added small dynamic light to airburst tracer and is now more random
Added: Gravity gun can be used to push off other players
Added: Strafe jumping into a wall now causes you to rebound (walljump)
Added: ctf_promode cvar to toggle between Pro/HL2DM mode
Added: Players now spawn at the farthest spawn from where they died
Added: restartround command
Added: Radar icon will now rotate in the direction it is pointing (easier to understand)
Added: Time delay for round restart to notify players of the upcoming change
Added: Bloom effect toggled by mat_bloom 0/1
Added: Wall jump should now play a jump sound using the material sound of the wall
Added: Support for additional player models (ctf_extramodels 0/1)
Added: cl_rebelmodel, cl_combinemodel for choosing a prefered model
Added: ctf_flag_capture triggers
Added: "OnCapture" output to ctf_flag_capture trigger
Added: Support for automatic one flag mode
Added: Added the name of the person you are spectating to the HUD
Added: ctf_weapons cvar to toggle the Sniper, OICW and Alyx Gun (Bit mask)
Fixed: Minor "suit" display bug
Fixed: Laser sprite drawing bugs
Fixed: ctf_flag_dominate event should now be logged
Fixed: Sound should no longer loop after missile is destroyed
Fixed: Minor display bug with hud_quickinfo
Fixed: Pulling in an item above your head with the gravity gun will now pick it up properly
Fixed: Now possible to adjust mp_timelimit in the middle of a game
Fixed: Added headshots to log output
Fixed: Smoke/fire trail should no longer hang around after grenades/rpg missile is destroyed
Fixed: restartround command can no longer be issued by clients
Fixed: hud_quickinfo will now show when using the sniper rifle
Fixed: dropweapon command now works when mp_weaponstay is 1
Fixed: Fire sprites should no longer hang around after a prop_physics_respawnable is destroyed
Fixed: Removed weapon effects from first person spectator mode
Fixed: Map reset now resets loose flags
Fixed: RPG laser should no longer attach itself to other weapons
Fixed: Slight glitch in icon scroller when you have more than two icons
Fixed: HUD elements now align properly if resolution is switched during a game
Changed: Reduced airburst grenade ammo pickup to single grenades
Changed: Increased airburst damage slightly
Changed: Reduced maximum charge from citadel style charger to 150 armor
Changed: Increased velocity gained from DMG_BLAST and reduced self-damage by 1/2
Changed: Increased rocket ignition time (feels more responsive)
Changed: Reduced RPG damage
Changed: Removed DSP ear ringing effect when rocketjumping
Changed: Expanded flag bounding box slightly
Changed: Increased grace period for friction (bunnyhop)
Changed: Enabled hud_quickinfo 1 by default
Changed: Team-colorized hud_quickinfo
Changed: Hardcoded sv_maxspeed, sv_gravity and ctf_respawndelay
Changed: Integrated radar with hud_quickinfo
Changed: Increased alpha value on hud_quickinfo radar
Changed: RPG no longer has a crosshair in pro mode (laser dot is accurate)
Changed: Blood decals now removed when player picks up the cloak rune
Changed: Weapons that no longer have the center crosshair in pro mode: gravity gun, stunstick, crowbar, shotgun, RPG, sniper rifle
Changed: Various HUD color tweaks
Changed: Changing cl_playermodel no longer changes your team. This cvar now determines which model should be prefered when you join a team
Changed: Chat HUD/Scoreboard colors now more consistent
Changed: Adjusted scoreboard positioning
Changed: Players now spawn on combine or rebels unless ctf_matchmode is 1
Changed: mp_falldamage re-enabled for HL2DM mode, falldamage is now fixed at 10 in pro mode
Removed: Footstep sounds no longer play when walking or crouching
Removed: sv_gravity, sv_maxspeed, ctf_respawndelay, ctf_warmup, ctf_requireready, ctf_domination, ctf_oneflag (ctf_matchmode sets warmup and requireready automatically)
Translation: French
Security: Encrypted weapon scripts
Info: hud_showcarrier can be used to show the flag carrier names on the HUD
Info: hud_hitsound can be used to play a sound when you register a hit on another player
Info: hud_specnames can be used to toggle display of player names in spectator/sourcetv mode
ctf_extramodels adds the following models:
Core Map Selection:
* New/layout changed

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