Half-Life 2 DayHard Mod Full Client



The patch 2 fixes the crashing bug, console, crosshair + crashing bug fix. This is the full client, and also includes Patch 2. For those who don't know what this mod is about, below you'll see some information:

DayHard is a single player adventure set before the events narrated in Half-Life 2. You play as Gordon's brother, Morgan Freeman. He's not timid like Gordon: he's able to talk to people, and even to make comments on the situation! Unbelievable, huh? What's the story? Well, let's just say that one day Morgan finds the Combines knocking at his door: from then on, it will be a constant fight for survival (We hired Wilbur Smith to write this script). Throughout his journey he will face many obstacles, fight tough enemies, but also meet few special friends... Even without a fancy suit, or an acceptable knowdlege of gravity, Morgan will have a valid arsenal at his disposal, including a shiny katana.

DayHard focuses on being funny rather than revolutionary. A huge amount of scripted sequences are used to give life to idiotic moments, memorable cutscenes and a very rough storyline. The focus here is on action and humour: if you remember that you'll enjoy the ride. Particular emphasis was also placed on the production of custom voiceovers; expect professional quality. Do you want boring numbers?

The mod features:

6 playable maps, over 150 new textures 16 models more than 150 custom voiceovers and tons of virtual sweat.

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