Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Alien MP Remap

I realy enjoyed playing AlienMP map with my friends/clan so i remaped it to make even better and i think it worked. Thanks Main map creat...


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File Description

I realy enjoyed playing AlienMP map with my friends/clan so i remaped it to make even better and i think it worked.

Thanks Main map creator.

This is AlienMP remap by me.

Orginal map :

* Need to set damage/health manualy * Low amount of weapons * Very fun for playing * Sounds were downloaded separate

Remap :

+ Dont need to set damage/health anymore (auto) + Sounds now includes map no extra downloads needed + Rollermines to help you fight (5) + 3 cages of headcrabs to help you fight * Normal headcrabs (2) * Fast headcrabs (2) * Poison headcrabs (2) + Floor turrets (5) + All weapons and ammo + Health chargers + Armor chargers (Citadel) + Fog + Combine Tower + 2 turret guns that you can use * There are 2 buttons - They turn on/off one of turrets. 2nd turret button is little buggy. If keep turret turned on it will break. + Rebels now get teleported to separeted place where they get killed and asked to change team + 3buttons * Rocket - Launches headcrab canister to do some damage use this as last line of defence against antlion guards ,because it may kill you ,rollermines and headcrabs. There is also tv that shows where Antlions are so you can launch when you see guard. * Main defence turrets (5) - There is one defence turret near combine generator door. And 4 turrets inside generator room. * Mine field - Enables 10 mines if anyone steps on mine he goes kaboom (unless its antlionguard so he doesnt die that easy) + Antlions gives 1 point + Antlionguard + Removed lag when too many bodies are in game they fade over time. Antlionguard bodies dont fade. + Antlionguard gives 100 points

I think i said enough. Just play and youll know everything by yourself. Losing here is almost impossible unless youre playing alone than it may be hard.

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Just put it into you hl2mp maps folder.

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