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This is the next fantastic version of Deathmatch Pro as some of you may not know this mod is designed to make Half-Life 2's deathmatch gamin...


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This is the next fantastic version of Deathmatch Pro as some of you may not know this mod is designed to make Half-Life 2's deathmatch gaming championship worthy (For example: The ESL) without the nightmares of setting up a game this mod enhances the DM and adds a ton of new things this latest version introduces four new teams Yellow combines, Red combines, Blue rebels and Purple rebels and this new version enhances some of the features from the previous versions and fixes a few bugs. And it adds a new game mode "Last Team Standing" and it adds a new enhanced administration menu which makes for excellent fun. This mod is worth the download.

The full list of changes:

Version 1.5 : 16/12/2005 . Added: Admin Menu . Added: Last Team Standing gamemod . Added: 4 new teams --> Yellow Combine, Red Combine, Blue Rebels and Purple Rebels . Added: Wall jump . Added: 3 new maps --> pg_swamplight and pg_icepick_B3 from Finger and pg_scepter from -think-circle . Added: dynamic modification of FOV in ProMod (80 to 120) . Added: ability to bind a key to open a Demo UI via Keyboard panel . Added: Mod icon in steam . Added: unlimited reflection in secondary fire of gauss . Added: team sorted by scores in Scoreboard (in ProMod) . Added: default binds for additional ProMod features . Added: dynamic control of "Add Time" and "Time Limit" entry fields in Command Menu . Added: new variables for dynamic messages - %w: display your current weapon - %d: display your last dropped weapon . Added: pg_cl_miniscore_team_x, pg_cl_miniscore_team_y, pg_cl_miniscore_noteam_x, pg_cl_miniscore_noteam_y to position the miniscore in the screen . Added: physcannon primary attack can act on players by pushing them . Changed: new maps version -> pg_boot_camp and pg_np_refinery_b5 from keved . Changed: default spawn with one hand grenade . Changed: 3 SMG1_Grenades in Arcade and Arena when spawning . Changed: all "pg_cl_" CVARs are written in the config.cfg when changed . Changed: Arena countdown set to 5 (was 10) . Changed: countdown last minute in Red . Changed: countdown ten last seconds with hundredth of second . Changed: bunny hopping/long jump enabled when ducked . Changed: InstantGib includes .357 and crossbow. No primary fire with gauss. . Changed: InstantGib now allowed in "Regular HL2DM" . Changed: unlimited reflection in primary attack of gauss . Changed: ability to be a non player spectator in Arena mod . Changed: ability to go to spectator even if dead . Changed: rcon moved from Command Menu to Admin Menu . Changed: gauss beam enlarged . Changed: RPG with only 1 missile maximum (to prevent RPG spamming) in ProMod . Changed: RPG missile damage power reduced of 25% . Changed: RPG max ammo is 1 in ProMod . Changed: Gauss accuracy improved . Changed: Gauss recoilforce increased of 3% . Changed: Gauss penetration power reduced from 48 units to 17 units in order to make most of the maps playabled with wallgauss "on" . Changed: Gauss secondary attack power reduced of 25% . Changed: wallgauss is disabled in Arena mod . Changed: quicker weapon switch and attack (ProMod) . Fixed: "tripmine under object" exploit is not possible in ProMod. To prevent it in "Regular HL2DM" set pg_sv_regular_tripmineexploit to "0" (set to "1" by default). . Fixed : "phys_swap scripts" exploit is not possible in ProMod. To prevent it in "Regular HL2DM" set pg_sv_regular_nophyscannondelay to "0" (set to "1" by default) . Fixed: when changing level, battlefield items are adapted to it . Fixed: miniscore is now display even if timelimit is set to 0 . Fixed: When in zoom in magnum or xbow and dropping weapon, we are not zoomed in the new weapon . Fixed: server does not crash if dropping weapon when in spectator . Fixed: Shot on npc (SLAM) does not make hitsound now . Fixed: "maps list" and "next maps list" are updated when changing from a server to an other one . Fixed: wallgauss on displacement part of a map

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Download 'hl2dmpro_cltsrv_win32_v1.5.exe' (90.99MB)

No instructions were included. So, when the download process is completed exec the setup.exe and follow the instructions.

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