Half-Life 2: DM 3 Storey Building Map

This is a small map by Danishmo.

It is based in a 3 storey building, each floor has a different colour: Red, Blue & Green each floor is k...


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File Description

This is a small map by Danishmo.

It is based in a 3 storey building, each floor has a different color: Red, Blue & Green each floor is kitted out with plenty of ammo and weapons and barrels for blowing your enemy up, each floor has plenty of cover points so you can hide from incoming fire and it has plenty of hidden areas for you to blast at your enemy from.

The map is pretty well made but it is quite dark and you have to have your flashlight on all the time to see, and the texture on the wall could have been changed to add a bit of variety, otherwise than that, well done.

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Download '3_story_building_v1.zip' (439KB)

Half-Life 2
TITLE: 3 Story Building Version 1
AUTHOR: danishmo
E-MAIL: danishmo@gmail.com

FILENAME: 3_story_building_v1.bsp
FILESIZE: 1,105 kb
DATE RELEASED: 22 October 2006

CREDITS: I would like to thank my dad for getting me hooked on Hammer.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place it in your map file. I have the Half-Life 2: Game of the Year Edition and mine is located at: C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steamapps\gdub5\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps

DESCRIPTION: This is a map I made by myself with the exception of a few tips from my dad and a few tips from the help wiki. It's my first HL2 map.

BUGS: If you find any, please let me know by emailing me. Make sure the subject says "Map Bug". Include a screenshot and a detailed explenation on the bug.

COMMENTS: If you use this map on your server, please email me your server's IP so I can hop on. I have yet to play this map with other people =( Make the subject "Server IP".

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