Half-Life 2 DM Blast Box Map

This is a "Killbox" type map, but is made NOT to be an eye-sore. It's an HL2DM revision of my original BlastBox. I use this "template" to pr...


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This is a "Killbox" type map, but is made NOT to be an eye-sore. It's an HL2DM revision of my original BlastBox. I use this "template" to practice new mapping techniques and figure out the basics, so it is my first relaese under HL2DM.

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Download 'dm_blastbox.zip' (1.16MB)

Title                   : Blast Box
Author                  : Degenatron
Email Address           : thedegenatron@hotmail.com
Website                 : www.snarkpit.com 

Warning                 : Requires Half-Life 2 Deathmatch to play.                          

Description		: This is a 2-6 player arena (but can go up to 10 players if your nuts). 
			  Players are equipped with a large amout of armor when entering the arena. 
                          There is no life and no armor. This is done on purpose because
			  it garentees that no one player can totally dominate the map. I built 
			  this map because the style seems to be popular with players if not with
			  reviewers. The idea was to create a standard "Box Style" map that was 
			  still visually interesting and fun to play. New mappers will almost 
			  always start with box maps, but hopefully this will provide a bare 
			  minimum required for release to the public. 
                    Note: This is a remake of my original Blastbox (HLDM).

Weapons Included        : Shotgun, Crossbow, 357, Combine Rifle, RPG, Handgrenades
                          (Grav Gun, 9mm AR and Handgrenades given at spawn)

Big thanks to: Valve - For creating a masterpiece of gaming.
	       V.E.R.C. - all of the great info and tech stuff. (http://www.valve-erc.com)
	       The Snark Pit from a great forum for find help on problems. (www.snarkpit.com)

Game			: Half-Life 2
Level Name      	: Blast Box (HL2DM)
Files    		: dm_blastbox.bsp
Single Player           : No	
Cooperative 		: No 
DeathMatch              : Yes
MAP    # of PLAYERS     : 2-6
Difficulty Settings     : No

Platform(s) used               : PIII- 1.2g w/ G-Force4 Ti 4600 & 1024 mb RAM
Editor(s) used                 : HL2 SDK
Known bugs                     : Sometimes the Crossbow ammo rolls away when it respawns
New sounds/textures/entities   : None
Download, unzip, and put the .BSP file in your ...<username>\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps

This Half-Life 2 map/level (Blast Box (HL2DM), dm_blastbox.bsp) is (c) 2005 David Smart.
DO NOT put this level/map on any sort of commercial product or 
compilation unless you have permission from me.
You MAY distribute this BSP file through any other means, 
provided you include this .txt file (unaltered) and it is free of charge.
The text file does not need to be included if downloaded directly from server during game.
Do not modify this BSP in any way.

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