Half-Life 2 DM_Destroyed Map

Half-Life 2 DM_Destroyed Map, formerly, DM_Shack.


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Half-Life 2 DM_Destroyed Map, formerly, DM_Shack.

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Download 'dm_destroyed.zip' (939KB)

This map is meant for Half-life2 deathmatch

To play the map place it into the following directory :  steam\SteamApps\....@hotmail.com\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps
i suggest you enable flashligt because its a dark map.

note: some people have the map dm_shack    its the same map. just rename it if you dont want to download it again.

This map is made by @BLOODy
any comments please send to richha3@hotmail.com
above all   enjoy my map!:)

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