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Dodgeball is a full game conversion based on the Source Engine. This engine was chosen because of its use of the Havoc physics engine which...


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Dodgeball is a full game conversion based on the Source Engine. This engine was chosen because of its use of the Havoc physics engine which will have a huge impact on the feel of this game. Dodgeball will be a game based on the sport we all love.

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Download 'dodgeball_a5_files.zip' (21.28MB)

Installation Instructions:

1. download
2. Click install and find your steam Directory
3. Click Dodgeball Alpha 3 in your 3rd party games menu of Steam.

If you have problems with the installer, make sure to grab the build without the installer from http://www.dodgeball.xsystemmods.com . You can place the
 dodgeball folder into your valve/steam/steamapps/sourcemods folder manually.

Standard Mode: The gameplay at this point is very simple. Grab a ball and hit fire to throw. The only trick to it is that if you hold down the fire button, it will charge
 up your throw and give you better velocity and distance. Make sure to pummel as many people as you can for maximum enjoyment.

Competition Mode: In order to enable competition mode, you must play on a server with competition mode running. This is done by running the cvar 
(or by adding it to the server.cfg) mp_competition 1 . The map must then be reloaded using the cvar changelevel [name of level]. (without brackets). Competition 
mode is the standard Dodgeball rules that are well know from the playground and the court.

Game info:

Dodgeball is a full game conversion based on the Source Engine. This engine was chosen because of its use of the Havoc physics engine which will have a 
huge impact on the feel of this game. Dodgeball will be a game based on the sport we all love. There will be several different game modes:

Competition mode: Totally realistic competition dodgeball rules.
Free For ALL: Deathmatch style with respawning
Speed Ball: Faster running and throwing
Jail Ball
Bowling Ball: Hilarious bowling ball dodgeball.

There will be more than 10 arenas in the final version. Some of these will include:

1. Futuristic arena.

2. Map Similar to the Roman Colliseum.

3. A hockey rink with slippery floors.

4. An Elementary School Playground.

5. A back alley East L.A. setting (already completed!)
6. A skyscraper (beta released!)

7. Oil rig (in production process... expect a release soon!)

This is a game designed with you in mind. We are creating an amazing innovative gameplay experience and focusing on the specific items that will make 
this game stand out from the croud.Dodgeball will be available with up to 16 on 16 matches for pure hilarious adrenaline pumping fun! We are in the 
process of taking full use of the Havoc physics engine to add to the gameplay experience.One of the most important things about Dodgeball is the
 competition. We will be hosting and facilitating competitions and currently have a forum up at http://www.dodgeball.xsystemmods.com where teams 
(clans) can begin to recruit.

change log:

Alpha 1&2 
(internal release/ proof of concept)

Alpha 3
Balls now have red texture
Hands are animated and catching the opponents ball is possible (but not unless you practice)
Balls respawning fixed on db_skyscraper
Falling Damage fixed on db_skyscraper
Dodgeballs now bounce and react to physics like a rubber ball. They can bounce off of players, walls, the floor and of course, other balls.
Non-Teamplay servers no longer crash on boot.
Dodgeball Background menu image now implemented. 
db_prison renamed db_EastLA.
Added crows to EastLA for your aiming practice. 
Charging a throw is now necessary to get enough velocity to do damage. (3 seconds is a full charge)
added viewmodel for ball
added viewmodel for hands
Can no longer switch between the ball and hands (have to drop ball to switch back to hands)
added ball recycling using trigger_remove (for mappers, download ccc.vmf seperately)

Alpha 3.5 (patch)
Crash Fixed (somewhat)
Catch Spamming Fixed.

Alpha 4
Maps:db_tetriz, db_skeeball, and db_caveball have been released. The map db_skyscraper has been updated 
and telefragging has been fixed. The community designed maps: db_Schoolgymn, db_Hockeyrink, db_2forts, 
and db_Yardwars have been released on the official Dodgeball dedicated server.
Sounds:New sounds have been implemented for the dodgeball bouncing, hitting and throwing. 
Skins:A new dodgeball skin has been released. 
Models:The player is no longer holding a grenade in the world model. He is now holding a dodgeball.The animations are also updated showing the character's
hands while running and catching.
Round Timer: Allows the game to restart the round and keep playing instead of having to reload the map everytime a round ends. 
Competition Mode Beta: This mode allows players to play the classic dodgeball style gameplay in which 
players go out of the game when they are hit or when their ball is caught. The players are also able 
to come back into the game if someone on their team catches a ball. When a team has been completely 
eliminated, the round restarts.

Alpha 5
Maps:db_schoolgymn designed by Dr.Devin was the winner of our Alpha 5 map contest. Devin's map has been added to Alpha 5 and is now considered an official Dodgeball map. Runners up db_moon by Swiss_Cheese and db_yardwars by Bloodshed receive honrable mention. 
Sounds: New sounds have been implemented for the dodgeball bouncing, and hitting. The annoying combine run sound and also the clicking grenade pickup sound for the dodgeball has been fixed. 
Models: New animations have been added to the world models that show the players catching Dodgeballs. View models and animations have been added for the new secondary dodgeball swatting action. 
Competition Mode: Competition Mode is now stable and working. We have shifted the official server over to competition mode. 
Gameplay: Dodgeball Swatting has been added as a secondary fire when holding the dodgeball. You can now bat away dodgeballs as they are thrown at you. Catch spamming is now eliminated also. You must click on primary fire to catch. No longer can you hold down the button. The Dodgeballs also bounce more realistically now. 
Stability:The memory error crashes are gone. No other crashes have been reported.

Known Issues: 

If Competition Mode Freaks Out, use the server Cvar sv_restartround 1.

Balls dont always roll back in db_EastLA. 


Cory -XSM- Davis is our level and gameplay designer. He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. His hobbies include guitar, surfing, politics, 
Hispanic culture, and of course game level design. He enjoys Punk, Ska, and Classic Rock music.

Ken Mayfield (steyrboy) is our 3D modeler, animator, and one of two programmers. He's from Eagle, NE and currently resides in Phoenix,
 AZ. He enjoys cars, music, games, partying, and good movies.

Jacob Schmude (blinkman) is our second programmer. He currently resides in Tempe, AZ. His hobbies include computers, sci-fi and 
action books/movies, politics, and playing X-Box. He enjoys listening to Punk, Ska, Classic Rock, and some Heavy Metal.
Contact Info

Cory -XSM- Davis:
AIM: xmodslive
E-mail: [email protected]

Ken Mayfield (steyrboy):
AIM: steyrboy
E-mail: [email protected]

Jacob Schmude (blinkman):
AIM: schmudej85
E-mail: [email protected]

-Official Dodgebal QA Testers:

Special Thanks to DrDevin our winner of the Dodgeball Alpha 5 map  contest. Db_Schoolgym is his creation. Also, special thanks to: Darkness, Bloodshed for community contribution and level design
Special Thanks to G00DWrench for community contribution and skin/ texture art. 


Dodgeball Source is protected under international copyright law. All items pertaining to this 
intellectual property may not be copied, replicated, changed or mimmicked without the owners consent.
Please contact Cory Davis at [email protected] for more information or any legal matters.

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