Half-Life 2 DM Evening of the Deceased Map

This is a classic style map based off of movies like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead"

The game takes place in a ghost-town-...


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This is a classic style map based off of movies like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Dawn of the Dead"

The game takes place in a ghost-town-esque urban area where places are burning and people are dying.

You are one of few survivors that must team up and defeat the undead. You have witnessed your own friends get turned into zombies.

Do whatever you can to survive, it's hell out there.

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Download 'rp_evening_of_the_deceased.zip' (2.21MB)

Map by:	DaMaN
    Email:	[email protected]

Playtesting:	DaMaN and random people off of Valve's Servers
Prefabs used:
	Source SDK Prefabricated Buildings
		by: ts2do
	Civilian Vehicles
		by: DaMaN
Inspiration Sources: Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and Rickler
Compiled by MeDiEvAl-CoW's computer, because mine overheats and crashes.

	Installation and run instructions:
	1.  Unzip this archive and place rp_evening_of_the_deceased_01.bsp into your maps folder:
	For example:
		C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YourSteamUserID\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps\
	2.  Launch Half-life 2 Deathmatch.
	3.  Create a new server or join an existing server of the map rp_evening_of_the_deceased_01.bsp
	4.  Kill Zombies.

	A classic zombie-style map, based off such movies as "Dawn of the Dead", "Shaun of the Dead", and other zombie thrillers.

	The game takes place in a series of abandoned city blocks; a sprawling urban area.  Shops and stores are deserted, buildings are burning,
	people are dying.  It's a living hell.

	You are a survivor or group of survivors who must band together to survive the onslaught of undead.  Your friends have become
	brain-eating zombies before your eyes, your enemies have tried to hunt you down, and the world is in chaos.  Now you must survive.
	Utilize whatever means neccecary.  It's Life or Undead out there.

	Game Information:
	The game is based around a series of city blocks, with numerous buildings and houses, whose doors and windows can be 
	quickly improvised into defences.  There are also many secret areas, which may prove difficult to get to.A few weapons 
	are scattered about, but ammo is scarce; make every bullet count.
	Both teamplay and deathmatch modes are supported, though teamplay is reccommended for obvoius reasons.

	The zombies will spawn at certain points in the city, and will seek out and destroy anything living that they can find.  For 
	performance and gameplay reasons, only the fast zombie was included.
	The goal of the game is to last for 30 minutes.  At the end of that time you will recieve a congradulatory message and the
	server will automatically restart the map.  If you can manage to make it through the entire 30 minutes without dying once
	(or cheating), email a demo of it to me and I will email you back an official "1337 Zombie Killer" picture you can put as
	a background and one you can use as a forum signature.  (My email is: [email protected])
	If you do not wish this to happen, (IE, you want to keep playing forever) enter the following into the server console:
		sv_cheats 1
		ent_fire serverme kill
	And if neccecary (if no zombies are spawning):
		ent_fire zombie_zone_1 enable
		ent_fire zombie_zone_2 enable
		ent_fire zombie_zone_3 enable
		ent_fire zombie_zone_4 enable

	All of the weapons avaliable in deathmatch should be included in the map, but most are very carefully hidden.
	Look around, explore, and try not to get eaten by zombies.

	Errors and Bugs:
	There are most likely more bugs than those listed below; the map has been thrown together on short notice with duct-tape, so
	don't expect utter perfection.  If you find an error not listed here please email me at [email protected]
	 - For some compiler reason, no player will be able to pick up any ammo until an item_item_crate is found and broken open.  (Don't ask)
	 - Sometimes the fast-headcrabs spawning off a dead fast zombie will not do any damage.  This is because the AI has been manually wired
	      into the map, (as deathmatch AI is normally unsupported by Valve), which causes problems like these to arise.
	 - A few of the 'secret' areas are inaccessible by zombies.  Again, no love from the AI.  Please don't exploit them too much.  ;)

	Enjoy, and have fun killing zombies!!

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