Half-Life 2: DM Gears of War Canals Map

Here's Canals, a remake of the "Canals" multiplayer level from Gears of War. According to the Readme, this is NOT a Gears of War: Source mo...


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Here's Canals, a remake of the "Canals" multiplayer level from Gears of War. According to the Readme, this is NOT a Gears of War: Source mod or anything similar; it's a HL2DM level which simply uses the layout and design from it's GoW counterpart. He also says that this is not a full completion of the map, hence the lack of HDR and a few lighting glitches. (Still, I'm a bit confused; if he had time to make a full compile for screenshots, why not just release that?)

The map itself is solid, and while it fails to recreate the atmosphere from Gears of War, it's a faithful representation of the map. It's very well-made on a technical standpoint, but there are a few gripes. The item placement is a little sketchy, but then again, it's just as strange in the rest of the maps Valve made. Also, there are a few little spots in the map in which I get some graphical lag spikes, but it's nothing some optimization in the map can't take care of. And, lastly, I really feel this could've used a bit more custom content; nearly everything there I've seen in Half-Life 2 before.

But don't let these small annoyances discourage you. Overall, I'll give this thing a 9/10; design is solid, few glitches and bugs are present, and the complaints I listed aren't really that significant. A good addition to a custom map library, especially if you happen to be a Gears of War fan.

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Download 'canals_beta1.zip' (2.58MB)

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
AUTHOR: Max A. Dominguez
E-MAIL: maxdoming@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: http://m4dmax.gametrailers.com/gamepad/index.php?action=blog

FILENAME: dm_canals_beta1.bsp
FILESIZE: 6,318 kb
DATE RELEASED: 27 June 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place in your hl2dm folder;
ex. C:\Games\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps

DESCRIPTION: This is a hl2dm map based of the layout of the Gears of War map Canals. No, it isnt an exact replica or have anything to do with Gears other than its basic layout. This isnt a gears of war mod.

BUGS: There are a few visual things that are bugged, like things disappearing and reappearing infront of you, this should be fixed soon.

COMPATIBLE GAMETYPES: Deathmatch(DM) & Team Deathmatch(TDM)

COMMENTS: Note that this is a beta, it is mearly a fast compile so the lighting is not correct and there is no HDR. This file is for sheer playtesting purposes among the public and not to be regarded as the FINAL version.

SCREENSHOTS: the provided screenshots are not representative of this current file. The screenshots show the map with a FULL compile and HDR. The provided file is a further updated version than the ss, but does not include HDR or full compiled lighting.

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