Half-Life 2 DM_High Tide MAP

A map for half-life 2 DM (DeathMatch)


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A map for half-life 2 DM (DeathMatch)

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Download 'high_tidev11.5.zip' (6.91MB)

Made by DannyBoy

Half-Life 2 Multiplayer Map

extract to ..\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps

or where ever you have your hl2mp maps dir

email: Dan_hull1@excite.com

Its a map of a costal village type thing. Theres a bunker and a bunch of shacks and alot of displacements.
I fixed all of the little funky glitches from the first one. 
The RPG is affected by physics and respawns,
You don't fall through the map when you respawn,
the hanging boat moves when you shoot it and its harder to get stuck on, 
the spotlights have the right glare, 
the water doesn't change halfway out,
fixed some of the glares and deleted some invisible props.
The hole thing is smooth. I like to run a tight ship. If you have any comments please email me or
post it, imput is good.

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