Half-Life 2 DM Killbox NG Easy Map

In addition to the Killbox NH Hard Map, in this map...


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In addition to the Killbox NH Hard Map, in this map It's easier to get up the upper levels. The creator also lighted up the map by adding newer / brighter textures. And also added 2 teleports places which you can easily see in the screenshots below. (The purple beams)

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Download 'ng_easy.rar' (1.88MB)

1) Install info

Unzip the file and transfer the file DM_Killbox_NG_Easy.BSP into directory half-life2 deathmatch/hl2mp/maps/

2) File info

The zip file contains the BSP map and a couple of JPEGs

3) Map name is DM_Killbox_NG_Easy, written / developed by Bullet Magnet

4) I'm a big HL1 Killbox fan ( hi to the Gdawggs ) particularly low grav and as soon as Source SDK
was available it was my intention to put something together similar but NOT exact. I like the "in your face" fast
paced action boxes - this is one, particularly with the dreaded RPG's but this speeds up player turnaround
and subsequent play speeds

NOTE THAT THIS IS A REVAMP OF NG_HARD as NG Hard can be too dark, this complements that hence the naming EASY!

The usual wackiness that you come to expect off me, you'll either hate it or love it. Note that the design is based
around the original DM_Killbox_Hard so credit goes to [email protected]

I looked at my old map Next Generation and thought it needed a makeover!!!!!

Big thanks to John Doe NL of the IMPACT for hostin most of my maps, good or bad.

Any comments appreciated bad or good.

[email protected]

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