Half-Life 2: DM Playground Deluxe Map

A nice Half-life 2 deathmatch map with plenty of places to hide in and duck around.


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A nice Half-life 2 deathmatch map with plenty of places to hide in and duck around.

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Download 'dm_playground_deluxe.zip' (2.89MB)

Map: dm_playground_deluxe
Map Type: deathmatch
Rel: 12/18/2005
Author: Mike Jones - [EM] Moike_the_Squid
Email: Moike_the_Squid@yahoo.com
Spawns: 7
Size: 7.34 megs

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- EFNet #Motorcycles Server with the map in rotation / moto-games.squick.net

Feedback Appreciated...

Updates since the release of dm_playground_final_rc2 (rel ~ 07/24/05)

- Redesigned playfield geometry for improved gameplay
- Removed some ambient_generic entities to reduce overhead
- More optimization/gameplay performance tweaks - big FPS boost during 10+ player play.
- Improved textures/lighting
- Major hidden bonus feature

Updates since the release of dm_playground_final_rc1 (rel ~ 7/20/05):

- Fixed a bug that was causing physics meltdowns with repeated use of the ggun during buzy deathmatch play
- Fixed a problem with the hint/skip brushes.  This greatly improves the FPS by quite a bit in many places

Updates since the release of dm_playground (rel ~ 6/10/05):

- Redesigned tram system now as working call/activate/send buttons. And the trams are -FAST- now. 
Fill the tram bucket with SLAMs,send it over to your crossbow camping friend in the tower across 
the way, detonate. Happy explosive death follows.
- Full soundscapes and sound F/X. Ok, I admit I was wrong. The map is much better with ambience. 
Thanks for the suggestion.
- The 'fun' phys-props added. The crappers, the sawblades, the sofas, etc, all the things you 
wish you could huck at people while standing in line at the DMV.
- Improved textures/lighting/geometry/displacements/props/skybox.  Yadda, yadda...it's prettier. 
- More optimization/gameplay performance tweaks.
- A couple hidden bonuses

Updates since the release of dm_playground_beta (rel ~ 3/16/05):

- Greatly improved overall FPS, heavy optimization, much zippier gameplay
- Redesigned playfield geometry to be less camper friendly
- Complete texture tweaking/rescaling
- New detailed skybox
- Removed the water tower

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