Half-Life 2: DM Sand Defenders Map

It is very interesting mod! You are one of the combine soldiers that are defending small post in the waste desert. In 90 seconds antlions be...


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It is very interesting mod! You are one of the combine soldiers that are defending small post in the waste desert. In 90 seconds antlions began MASSIVE assault on your post. You must use all of your game skills to survive until reinforcements arrive. It is very pity, but at the and of the great battle, the island with all of your forces will be destroyed by the combine helicopters, Because of very large count of the antlions and their guards. The soldiers fallen in battle with honor!

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I had creating this map for anough long time,sure I do all my best to created it without any bugs, but unfortunatly there can be some of them:
1.Some time when you will play, the dropships can no landed on ground, or they can stuck in the air.
2.I ASK YOU dont use any cheats, becouse of my triggers, in the end the game may crush!!!!!!!
3. Dont use noclip cheat!!!!!!
Put the map into your hl2 foulder (for example C:Program files/Half-Life 2/Steam apps/User/hl2/maps), Than put the Sand Defenders folder (that is situated in sound foler to your hl2 sound folder) (for example C:Program files/Half-Life 2/Steam apps/User/hl2/sound).
To run the map simple write in your hl2 console "map sand_defenders".	
		 Some information about me and my plans
I very like create maps for different games. I had created different mods for HL1:Opposing force so far(but i had not send them into the internet).
I also done some maps to "Age of mythology, Warcraft 3, W40k, Max Payne 2, LOTR: The Battle for middle earth. I have not bad skills about different editors,
and also i can write different triggers very easy. I Download the hl2 SDK only two weaks ago and want to create my own mod "Half-Life 2-Revenge of the Combine".
But i need a good develop team. If you are interesting in it just write me to my email. Also you can ask to me different question about mapping, i know a lot of 
functions and will be glad to help you!
                             My adress

			     Post script

I forget to say that i am from Ukraine, and if i make some mistake in the text than dont be angry on me please.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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