Half-Life 2 DM Sub Storage Map

A new Half-Life 2 Death Match map


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A new Half-Life 2 Death Match map

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Download 'dm_substorage.rar' (2.91MB)

Title                   : SubStorage
Version                 : 1
Release Date            : 14th Dec 2004
Filename                : DM_SubStorage.bsp
Author(s)               : Mark 'Oz'Austin
Email Address           : amy61298@nildram.co.uk
Description             : Deathmatch

Other levels by author  : This is my 1st Half Life 2 map		         


Unzip the file dm_substorage.bsp into :
Steam\Steamapps\<<your username>>\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps\

Have fuin with it

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