Half-Life 2 DM The Lost Cube Map

It is a fun map in a "cubic" machine shop, which has lost its residents. And now, you come in and meet some enemies. Good that the previou...


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It is a fun map in a "cubic" machine shop, which has lost its residents. And now, you come in and meet some enemies. Good that the previous owner left some weapons, ammo, medikits, suitcharges and 12 mini-cubes (6 of them are bonded with the other 6 and coupled with blue ring-beams), which are placed in the center of the mainhall and there is a spere at the top of the map, where the mini-cubes will stuck if you thow them on it. The animated sphere check every 5 seconds with an orange stream for the mini-cube-children. (In a next version I want to make the streams to attack the players a bit while passing him, but I don't konw how to do this, yet.) You can grab the mini-cubes and throw them at the enemy, that will hurt much, because the mini-cubes are very heavy. All ring-beams help you to find the mini-cubes under the midnight moon. Most of the things, which are standing around, you can pick up with the gravity-cannon to attack the enemy with. In this map You will find a lot of weapons. A very hight tower is placed at one corner of the map, where you can climb up. You can mess with all the stuff placed in the map. Two cameras are shown on two monitors, one has a switch to toggle.

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Half-Life 2
TITLE: HL2 Map - Multi Player Map - The Lost Cube v1.06
AUTHOR: CY12k - ChickenYard
E-MAIL: cy12k@web.de

FILENAME: dm_lost_cube_1_06.bsp
DATE RELEASED: 19 September 2006

Greetings to all Buckethead fans: Stay disembodied! 

Extract the file lost_cube.zip folder of your HL²DM.
Normaly it is C:\Programme\Steam\steamapps\< your account >\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps\



- The performance is not so good, too many brushes. I tried to fix it with areaportals, but it's not so easy, because most of the rooms are very open. Later I'll work on it, because this is my 2nd map I made, and I didn't use the areaportals in the right way, I think. So I have still to learn more about (I have to search for the right tutorial for this in german).

My english is not so good (I am german).
I could not test the map with several players, so I do not know, if it is a playable map.
I don't know, if the placing of the weapon (and ammo etc.) is well choosen. This is to find out with many players.
Improvement suggestions are desired.

The Lost Cube v1.06 was released 19 september 2006 by CY12K [ChickenYard].

I hope you have fun with this map!

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