Half-Life 2 DM_Valley Map

Half-Life 2 DM_Valley Map.


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File Description
*	DM_VALLEY for HL2DM		*
*	By Daniel Hough			*
*	http://www.silverferret.co.uk/	*

Install Instructions:
Extract the zip folder so that the bsp file is in your Steam/Steamapps/yoursteamusername/Half Life 2 Deathmatch/hl2mp/maps/ folder.

Now you can play the map on any server which is running the map or play it on a local server you host on your own. It's actually fun to play on your own - try making the most interesting ways of falling from the top of the valley.

Anyway, enjoy, and if you have any comments or complaints or bug reports please email them to dan@silverferret.co.uk.

Also, visit www.silverferret.co.uk - you know you want to.

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