Half-Life 2 DM Vertigo Map

Half-Life 2 DM Vertigo Map


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File Description
Vertigo HL² Version 1.0
===== 13.12.2004 ======

Map by Carl B (CJB)
Port by spitfire_CH: pesche_h@bluewin.ch

Installation Instructions

Extract Vertigo_HL2_v1.bsp to
\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YourName\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps

Have fun!

Known Issues

Bottom of Skybox visible from top of the tower. Don't know exactly how to fix this.
Any help is appreciated!

Description of original Map by Carl B

Title:		Vertigo
Filename:	Vertigo.bsp
Author:		Carl B (CJB)
Email address:	carlb@netmatters.co.uk (please send comments and suggestions)

Description:	This is my second ever level and is ideal for
		duels or maybe 2v2's

Additional Credits to: Valve for Halflife
			Ben Morris for Worldcraft

Single Player:	Just to look around
Coop: 		No
Deathmatch:	Yes 5 spawn points


Base:		From scratch
Editor(s) used:	Worldcraft 2.0

Build Time
qcsg	5 secs
qbsp	5 secs
qrad	266 secs
vis	22 secs

Compile Machine:	P2 266, 96MB RAM, Voodoo 1

* Standard Copyright / Permissions *

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