Half-Life 2 DM_Watergate MAP

Its hard to see how the map is with the screenshots, so i would suggest to d/l the map and try it out yourself :)


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Its hard to see how the map is with the screenshots, so i would suggest to d/l the map and try it out yourself :)

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Download 'dm_watergate.zip' (1.09MB)

Map Name: dm_watergate.bsp
Author: Hitman Justin
E-Mail: macheteuser@netscape.net
Completed: 02/28/05
Map Type: HL2 Deathmatch/
Time Taken: about 1 day :P
Final Compile Time: at least 3 minutes

dm_watergate.bsp by, Hitman Justin

another Combine base centerd in an unknown universe, consists of two human brick structured rooms, connected together with a combine structure in the middle,
the combine are using experiment earth water technologie, using it to transport the player to the combine structure

Known issues
- in the combine building there is a big "error" sign next to the RPG, that was suppoced to be a
ammo crate for the RPG, but somthing got messed up in the middle, anyways, for now use it as cover
- if your having problems going back down trhough my water tranports, duck and fal into them it works really well
- some shadows come out looking wierd, but i guess thats the source engines problem :P
- free to email me and tell me if anything else is wrong, constructive critisim is good!
- Requires at least bear minimum, also if you use this map in your game, please allow players to use flashlights, because the hallways are dark

Installation instructions

Place the dm_watergate.bsp file in your
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps directory:

X:\Steam\SteamApps\ACOUNT-NAME\half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps

Background Info
another one of my creations that i dreamed about and made the secound i woke up, i am unoffically copyrighting the water transport system
I have no clue why no one has ever thought of it, i guess people arent as creative as they used to be,back in the game
turok rage wars, there was water transports like mine, but mine are done with the incrediable source engine so poop on them!

dm_watergate.bsp by Hitman Justin
E-mail: macheteuser@netscape.net

Final Thoughts
always remeber people use an internet browser that dosent give you more adware then you can count,
use mozilla firefox, thank you :)

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