Half-Life 2 Dystopia Black Katana Weapon Skin

This is a skin file which replaces the original dystopia katana skin, with a new dark black katana skin.


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File Description

This is a skin file which replaces the original dystopia katana skin, with a new dark black katana skin.

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Download 'dbkatana.zip' (795KB)

>>>>>>>Skin Made by Crawler<<<<<<<

		Alright, different game, same approach. As always I have made installation 
super easy. Just click into the "New Katana" folder which is located next to this readme,
and right click on the materials folder. Go to Copy. Open up your steam directory and move
to steamapps. Stop me if I am going to fast >_>. Then go to Sourcemods and continue to the
dystopia folder. Once ur here, right click, paste. And shabam! Sweet, sexy new blade for you
to play with, or for you to "share" with others ;).

		Oh I see how it is... just cause its BLACK! Racist pig. Anyway do the same
process as installation only this time instead of the "New Katana" folder, use the "Old
Katana" folder. As if it would of tooken a genious to figure that out -_-.

		The maker of this skin is not responsible for any damage that may or may 
not (most likely may not) be caused to your computer. It's just a skin ffs, the worst it
can do is mess up ur directory. Also, the skin featured here was created from original thought,
it was not a recreation. If this skin looks like someone elses, I am sorry, it is just a 

=Extra Note=
		Long time no skin, eh? Well I have been caught up with other things, but that
hasn't stopped me from playing the Dystopia Mod. Holy Mother Moly. Thats all I gata say. It's
beautiful really, cept for the katana. Now I know it took a while to make this stuff from scratch
but I my self dont like a crappy melee weapon (specially cause I use the katana so frequently).
So I says to myself "Self? Why don't we just make our own katana?" "Ahh good idea! Thats why
I like you!" So here we are! But enough about my stuck up ego, lets go and play some dystopia :D.

=Copyright Note=
		This and all other skins made by this author (Crawler) shall NOT be
used for commercial gain. In other words, screw you games fusion. If you want to
use any of my skins, for a pack that is FREE to everyone, please be my guest and add
credits if possible. If you are reskinning any of my skins, or featuring them in a
comic or such, you MUST add credits. Thank You!

Like the blade? Have any good comments? Have anything you don't like? Go ahead and email
me at [email protected] Or if u just wanna chat then hit me up on aim, I'm Crawler101010101
...don't ask... I'm barely on but if ur lucky u can catch me!

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