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Half-Life 2 Dystopia Demo Full Client

dystopia_demo_client_full_u4.exe —


Dystopia Update 4 has been released! And allot of new things has been added as well. Such as the Bloom effect to meatspace, Decapitation for headshot skills, a neat vote system, Language options, new EMP effect and so much more! For those who love Dystopia, you are going to love this new update. It even includes new maps for you to check out, and for those who are new to this, download this. Its worth playing this mod.



NEW Map dys_silo
NEW Map dys_fortress
UPDATED Map dys_vaccine

Added Bloom effect to meatspace (set in Video Options)
Added Decapitation for headshot kills (for Laser Rifle, Assault Rifle, MK808, BoltGun, Katana & Fist)
Added Voting system (callvote map, timelimit, kick)
Added Language support for French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian & Spanish
Added 9 Crosshairs, with options for colour, size and transparency
Added Jack in/out Effect
Added New EMP Grenade Effect
Added Warning message on Rocket Launcher screen if too close
Added Autobalancing of teams if they become uneven
Added Colour coded ICE (red=punks, blue=corps)
Added Indenting for chat in console
Added [TK] tags on team kills in console
Added Dead and Decking tags in scoreboard for teammates
Added cyber_drain entity, drains energy from deckers if they touch it
Added dys_forcefield entity, to stop one team passing (similar to ICE in cyberspace)
Added SetPunks and SetCorps inputs for cyber_ice entity
Added Support for 2 way Attack/Defend maps (any dys_objective can be a "final objective" now)
Added New weapon spread system (effects AR, shotgun, minigun, machp), random distribution now more biased towards center (thanks Waldo!)
Added SourceTV events (objectives, hacks, kills near objectives, etc)
Added Frags for killing someone with a trigger_hurt (for 15 seconds after you activated it)
Added Laser Rifle beam width now reflects the amount of damage (including minimum range, etc)
Added Added hitbeep for shooting Spider Grenades
Added Lowered Sound Suppressor cost from 2 body slots to 1 body slot
Added Lowered BoltGun reload time from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds per bolt
Added Lowered Grenade Launcher Grenade's radius from 250u to 200u
Added Lowered Rocket Launcher lock on time from 0.75->0.25 seconds
Added Decreased Rocket Launcher Rocket health from 100->50
Added Laser Rifle damage scales from 10%->100% for distance 64u->512u (eg. not as powerful at close range)
Added Increased Laser Rifle ammo usage from 15->20 (max charge)
Added Grenades now go off in your hand if you prime them past their fuse
Updated player models with new shiney textures, fixed vert assignments and fixed poses/animations
Updated all ragdolls to fix collision errors and make them more spectacular!
Updated katana skin
Updated FatmanFist animations
Updated Heavy's Machine Pistol animations
Updated Katana animations
Fixed Warping/Lagging doors
Fixed Stealth effect for DX8/DX8.1 video cards
Fixed Sticky Firewalls
Fixed Cameras & Monitors not rendering after an Alt-Tab
Fixed Boltgun headshots (150% damage bonus)
Fixed Boltgun body pinning, now works everytime
Fixed Tilted view when jacking out of Cyber Space with lots of packetloss
Fixed Thermal effect showing up on monitors
Fixed Titled view in cyberspace on some maps
Fixed Chat not appearing after round ends (if you were dead)
Fixed Spawning with no weapon model & broken animations if ledge grabbing while killed
Fixed Leg Boosters sprint using energy while minigun is spun up
Fixed Continuious charging sound exploit with Sound Suppressor & Laser Rifle
Fixed Deckers with Stealth on make stealth noise in cyberspace. Body in meatspace now makes the noise.
Fixed Cortex bombing through small ceilings exploit
Fixed Jack in Points can now be Enabled/Disabled without crash
Fixed Leg Booster charge up sound is now client predicted (no more cutting out)
Fixed IFF not visible in CyberSpace
Fixed zoom_sensitivity_ratio resetting to default 1.0
Fixed Crash if attempting to ICE a cyber_screen with no ICE entity setup
Fixed Objectives completing after round ends (due to delayed inputs, etc)
Fixed Repeatedly completing objectives to gain points exploit (now only gives out certain amount of points over time)
Fixed Headshots on teammates counting in stats (FF only)
Fixed hitbeep command not working sometimes
Fixed Underwater sounds looping if you die underwater
Fixed Time connected for stats
Fixed Gaining points when shooting self with Cyber projectile while someone spectates you exploits
Fixed Movement errors in CyberSpace
Fixed Shooting Turrets/Spider Grenades now counts towards accuracy on stats
Fixed Grenades going through very thin walls/glass at very close range
Fixed low ammo shot with Laser Rifle doing full ammo damage
Fixed Switching Laser Rifle while charging exploit[/quote]

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