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Empires 1.02 Beta is now available for download. Both clients and servers will need to download this update. Again, bug fixes and optimizati...


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Empires 1.02 Beta is now available for download. Both clients and servers will need to download this update. Again, bug fixes and optimizations are the focus of this patch. Lag should be further reduced from 1.01 Beta, and servers should be able to handle more players.

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Download 'empires_v102beta_patch.exe' (9.9MB)

Empires 1.02 Beta
April 1, 2006

Version 1.02 Beta Changes:

-Added: removed some unnecessary building and tank network vars that were wasting bandwidth
-Added: 'emp_sv_refinery_interval' server cvar for setting how many seconds pass before a refinery will generate a resource point (default is one second)
-Added: new cvar 'emp_sv_player_think' to set the frequency of the player's post think function which takes up a decent chunk of the server's cpu time when running every single frame

-Fixed: commander crash when having only one unit selected and that unit dies
-Fixed: players could build a vehicle from an unbuilt vehicle factory using the menu bound to "v"
-Fixed: bots now spawn when using the commands "bot_add_nf" or "bot_add_imp", all they do is run around
-Fixed: using the "f" voice menu while holding crouch would skip the second tier menu
-Fixed: unbuilt armory giving ammo to vehicles
-Fixed: a player's rank in the squad menu was being displayed as one rank higher than it actually was
-Fixed: building a turret, camera, or radar as an engineer now requires that the surface angle is greater than -45 and less than 45 (AKA the ground and not the ceiling)
-Fixed: on the team select screen, 'Northern Faction' was misspelled once and the objectives were the same for both teams
-Fixed: the Brenodi APC & AFV had areas near the front which were being treated as rear armor instead of side armor
-Fixed: players can no longer block the vehicle factory build area to prevent vehicles from being created
-Fixed: if the interior of a vehicle factory is blocked and prevents a vehicle from being built, it no longer deducts the cost of the vehicle even though the vehicle wasn't created
-Fixed: inverted mouse pitch now works when aiming a vehicle turret
-Fixed: a player who team kills another player loses a rank point instead of gaining one
-Fixed: scoring rank points as a squad leader no longer goes toward extra points for the squad; only the other players in the squad's earned points go toward extra squad points
-Fixed: commander in command view was able to be killed even though he was invisible
-Fixed: server crash when spotting a tank's turret with the scout's binoculars
-Fixed: server crash when a tank's turret would collide with a mine
-Fixed: server crash when a homing missile's target was removed while the homing missile was still alive and tracking it
-Fixed: player RPGs had stopped being guided in 1.01 Beta, they now guide as they did in 1.0 Beta
-Fixed: NF scout rifle was missing its deathmessage icon
-Fixed: on death messages in the HUD, the weapon name no longer get cut off
-Fixed: client side assertion when bringing up the scoreboard on a 32 player server as the 32nd player
-Fixed: entity responsible for sending player minimap positions was causing a crash when attempting to run a 64 player server
-Fixed: optimized building collision meshes to reduce cpu usage
-Fixed: HUD now works with widescreen resolution
-Fixed: on suicide, a player no longer gains a rank point
-Fixed: armor and engine weight and cost values were not being factored into the final weight and cost labels in the vehicle build panel

-Modified: moved turret rotation to the client when not attacking to save on bandwidth
-Modified: optimized turret range checking code for less cpu usage
-Modified: optimized commander visibility range checking code
-Modified: cut out the parts on the client dealing with physics collisions that were causing crashes
-Modified: optimized the player's think functions to reduce cpu usage
-Modified: increased cost of all vehicle chassis
-Modified: increased cost of all vehicle engines
-Modified: increased cost of all vehicle armor
-Modified: reduced standing spread on most infantry weapons
-Modified: reduced bio MG total damage done over time to 80 down from 300
-Modified: at the end of a game, players are only locked in place now instead of freezing their controls so that they can hide the scoreboard
-Modified: a scout using the hide skill in the open will be hidden from turrets instead of being required to be in contact with at least one surface
-Modified: increased max player limit to 64
-Modified: added "emp_env_embers" map entity which copies the "env_embers" entity but allows setting of the start and end sizes
-Modified: set vehicles to kill themselves immediately upon reaching their self destruct time instead of slowly hurting themselves
-Modified: changing class to an engineer starts the engineer kit off with zero ammo, spawning as an engineer starts the kit with full ammo
-Modified: on damage to turrets, only the owner is notified unless there is no owner, then everyone is notified
-Modified: optimized netcode for entity responsible for sending player minimap positions by only sending necessary information to each team
-Modified: made the local player arrow icon brighter
-Modified: made the local player arrow show even when inside a vehicle
-Modified: no players can spawn when there is only one reinforcement remaining

Version 1.01 Beta Changes:
March 17, 2006

-Added: linux server.so for running a linux server
-Added: 'emp_sv_vehicle_resource_interval' and 'emp_sv_player_resource_interval' cvars for setting the interval between updating player & vehicle resource managers which send all info needed for the minimap
-Added: 'emp_sv_vehicle_fadout_time' cvar for determining how long vehicle wreckage exists before being removed
-Added: 'emp_sv_netvisdist_player', 'emp_sv_netvisdist_building', 'emp_sv_netvisdist_vehicle', and 'emp_sv_netvisdist_commander' cvars which determine how far each type of entity can be seen, commander affects how far the commander can see other entities
-Added: support for 'mp_autoteambalance', if a player tries to change teams and it would make the teams uneven, then the player is forced to the team with the fewest players
-Added: 'emp_sv_vehicle_selfdestruct_time' cvar (default: 300 seconds) that determines how long a vehicle will go unoccupied before it starts to damage itself and then die
-Added: successfully moved all server-side vehicle wheel physics simulation to the client (steering, wheel height, wheel rotation) which reduces a lot of wasted network bandwidth
-Added: three new voice taunts
-Added: "commander under attack" warning when the commander takes damage, only played once every 30 seconds
-Added: &quot;<building name> under attack&quot; warning when a building takes damage, only played once every 30 seconds
-Added: map specific config files located in the &quot;/cfg/maps/&quot; dir; the .cfg file that has the same name as the map name is executed on map start; specifically for setting the number of resources/reinforcements per map (emp_escort NF reinforcements for example)

-Fixed: a research item was missing an icon
-Fixed: Brenodi Empires could continue to build vehicles past their limit
-Fixed: 'mp_timelimit' works correctly now, when time is reached, both team reinforcements count down at a rate of 2 per second
-Fixed: when recycling a building, your team would gain the refund as reinforcements instead of resources, whoops
-Fixed: as grenadier, oldest dropped mine was not always being detonated when attempting to drop more than eight mines
-Fixed: minimap would not show spotted/binocular targetted vehicles and buildings if they were out of your PVS (ie, not visible)
-Fixed: reduced network bandwidth used by minimap
-Fixed: the player in the last slot on a server was not being shown on the scoreboard
-Fixed: Northern Faction MG Level 3 turret's barrels were spaced too far apart to hit infantry
-Fixed: crash when canceling/completing an order and the target of the order was already removed from the game
-Fixed: crash when trying to issue praise to a squadmate that didn't exist
-Fixed: crash when a shell/mortar detonated and couldn't find its owner
-Fixed: crash when spotting a target with the binoculars, then 120 secs would pass and the binocs would try to remove the spotted status except the target had already been destroyed/removed
-Fixed: crash when a mine was checking if a vehicle that touched it had a passenger with mine defusal to prevent detonation
-Fixed: crash when denying a player from joining your squad
-Fixed: various client crashes (the big crash that affects everyone is a real pain, it's not fixed but it's rearranged to give me more info in the memory dumps on what exactly is going wrong)

-Modified: increased horsepower for some vehicle engines
-Modified: various infantry weapons (hmg, scout rifle, pistols, brenodi rifles)
-Modified: removed server vehicle wheel dust generation to reduce network traffic and time spent thinking
-Modified: reduced time spent calculating physics
-Modified: set voice commands to require at least a 3 second wait time before issuing another command
-Modified: added a larger arrow over the local player on the minimap
-Modified: increased rate all players can build buildings to 1 HP per every 0.5 seconds (engineer's build at 1 HP per every 0.2 seconds)
-Modified: scout can use secondary attack while hidden and not be revealed, can also use binoculars and not be revealed
-Modified: a scout's rank affects how fast his invisibility skill hides him by lessening it one second per rank achieved (to a minimum of 2 seconds)
-Modified: scout's invisibility now goes into effect even if the scout is not touching anything (50% transparency)
-Modified: both command vehicle driver view points now sit atop the vehicle so that you have a frame of reference while driving
-Modified: instead of putting '(Comm)' in front of the commander's name, the commander's class is set to 'Commander'
-Modified: engineers get points for repairing the commander's walls
-Modified: reduced frequency of updates for when a turret is playing its idle animation, need to move it fully client-side though
-Modified: changed turret collision mesh from a pyramid shape to a box so that vehicles won't drive up onto them and get stuck
-Modified: split resources and refinery cvar multiplier into separate cvars for each team, this is so that the reinforcements for NF can be increased by the server for emp_escort
-Modified: set HMGs to increase in spread with each bullet fired, inaccuracy starts to take hold if the weapon is fired for too long

-Removed: engineer's ability to build buildings via '+use'

Version 1.0 Beta Changes:
March 4, 2006

-Initial Release
-Added: ALL

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