Half-Life 2: Empires v1.06 Server Patch

Version 1.06 has been released. Both players and servers need to update. The main goal with this update is to introduce three new maps: MVal...

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Version 1.06 has been released. Both players and servers need to update. The main goal with this update is to introduce three new maps: MValley by R_Yell, Slaughtered by Hellion, and Gauntlet by Doobie. The first two mentioned maps were created by the community. Doobie has also updated Escort adding several new paths to take and other modifications. In addition to the new maps, I've fixed many bugs. Any previously mentioned features that were planned for 1.06 have not been completed yet and are being pushed back to a later release. We did not want to keep the community waiting while we had new maps and bug fixes to release.

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1.06 SERVER patch.


Version 1.06 Beta Changes:

-Added: New Map - MValley by R_yell
-Added: New Map - Slaughtered by Hellion
-Added: New Map - Gauntlet by Doobie
-Added: Revised Map - Escort by Doobie

-Added: tank rotate in place when at slow or still speeds
-Added: 'emp_comm_restrict' brush entity that prevents either commander from building in the occupying area
-Added: silhouette for binoculars when zoomed in

-Fixed: Brenodi ML level 2 turrets did not work
-Fixed: server crash related to armory or barracks being destroyed
-Fixed: memory leak that would lead to a server crash after an extended period of time
-Fixed: 'emp_sv_player_think' cvar which was implemented to reduce cpu loading was causing hitboxes to not always be matched with the player correctly; this cvar has been effectively removed by defaulting it to 0 and making it a cheat cvar
-Fixed: turrets not able to hit players who are standing right next to the turret
-Fixed: console error when in a NF heavy tank reporting that four variables exceeded the max allowed value and were being clamped
-Fixed: cannon kickback being inconsistent with actual firing
-Fixed: vehicle self damage working the exact opposite, vehicle weapons hurting other friendly vehicles and not damaging their owner's vehicle
-Fixed: vehicle passengers always being parented to the vehicle's main body even if the position is associated with the turret
-Fixed: commander able to suicide and become invincible
-Fixed: the vehicle HUD's chassis health indicator now scales with resolution to not get too large
-Fixed: changing teams now resets the player's class and spawn point selection
-Fixed: vehicles now show the order location/target of the driver and connect the line from the vehicle to that location correctly
-Fixed: vehicles can receive orders correctly now
-Fixed: units that are outside the commander's PVS/network update distance will now remain selected, will update their position, and can receive orders
-Fixed: the Units selection panel lists all entities in the world regardless of your proximity to them instead of dropping ones off the list as they exceed the network update distance
-Fixed: the second seat on the NF jeep was not positioning the player in the correct location
-Fixed: the commander unable to see enemy units when in the driver position of the command vehicle

-Modified: matched NF Assault Rifle's damage to the BE Assault Rifle
-Modified: increased HMG weapon damage from 20 to 25
-Modified: halved movement speed when zoomed in

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