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For those who have been waiting for it, It's finally here! Wi...


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For those who have been waiting for it, It's finally here! With new features, tons of bug fixes, and even enhanced performance and updated visual effects! Want to know what exactly changed? Check out the readme below the description. Fancy to see a trailer before you wanting to download this modification? You can do so by with the streamed Empires Beta 2 Trailer below:

Empires Beta 2 Trailer

Check out the Empires Wiki Start Guide while you are downloading the mod, and if you have the time. Also check out my little review of this modification.

Skyrider's Personal Short Preview After I've played it yesterday for a few hours, I must say this is one awesome modification. It has been a while since I last played this mod, and for all those fans of First Person Shooters and Strategy Game fans, this is a modification for you! It has not been released yet! Wanting to know when it will be released? Then Click Here to view the timer countdown. Now, I only played this for a short few hours as said above, so I'll give you a short overview:

The scoutAs the class name already mentions, the scout is great in scouting ahead. in the first image below, you'll see the weapon list of the scout. And in the second image the ability list of a scout which are the boxes below the weapons. Depending on your rank, you can mostly only choose one ability. So it is best that you choose the best ability depending on your situation.

empirescout1t.jpg empirescout2t.jpg empirescout3t.jpg empirescout4t.jpg

RiflemanThe rifleman is great against infantry. With their assault, Heavy rifle and their Heavy MG they can easily kill any infantry with a few shots. Also a very handy class to zoom in with the rifles for a better shot. Do remember that they can do most damage vs Infantry, so It is not wise for them to take on a vehicle or a tank. But with their abilities, you can increase the damage that you give, or either increase the damage of the weapons fire of a vehicle. The riflemen also can get sticky grenades to destroy vehicles.

empiresrifleman1t.jpg empiresrifleman2t.jpg empiresrifleman3t.jpg empiresrifleman4t.jpg

GrenadierGrenadier, one of the best against vehicles. Being attacked by quite a lot of vehicles or tanks? Then the Grenadier can do something about that. His RPG Launcher is able to give quite some damage to them. But do remember that the RPG Launcher will not give much damage to Infantry. Rather want to give damage to infantries? Then change to Rifleman.

empiresgrenadier1t.jpg empiresgrenadier2t.jpg empiresgrenadier3t.jpg empiresgrenadier4t.jpg

EngineerThe engineer is great in defending. He is capable of creating turrets, walls, cameras, radars and even an ammo box for you and your team to get ammo from. The engineer might not be one of the most offensive type, but an engineer can greatly help his team. Heck, he can even heal team mates with your repair weapon (4). Plus, an engineer is required to build blueprints / buildings that have been made by the commander.

empireengineer1t.jpg empireengineer2t.jpg empireengineer3t.jpg empireengineer4t.jpg

CommanderI believe many of you already have played Strategy games. Well, this modification has a feature where a commander (only 1 per team allowed) can command people from above, and also place buildings that the engineer has to build. The commander is very important, as he / she can construct buildings and also research new things which is really recommended in order to win a round / game. In the first image below, you have to be in that vehicle in order to change in to a commander. In order to do so, go in to the vehicle (Default: E) and press F2 on your keyboard to change to commander mode.

empirescommander1t.jpg empirescommander2t.jpg empirescommander3t.jpg empirescommander4t.jpg

A side note: do remember that you have to join a squad by pressing by pressing "C" in order to get immediate access to your class abilities. Every 10 kills/points you get unlocks another skill for you. You can change your class / weapons and choose abilities by pressing the "B" button.

This is only a small review from me, you can experience and learn a lot more by playing this modification once it is available for download. Rather want to know more about this mod? Go check out this Empires Wiki Page. It has all the information that you need.

Are you completely new to the mod? Perhaps this information will help you out: Empires is a revolutionary mod currently in development for Half-Life 2. It'll be combining the genres of first-person shooter and real-time strategy. Two key players will be present in each game, one player per team will be the commander, playing the game from a top down perspective with the ability to construct bases and give orders to his team, and all remaining players will be soldiers, playing the game from a first person perspective either on foot or in an aircraft or vehicle. The commander can choose to control his team with an iron fist, restrict his team's purchasing ability for buying upgrades and vehicles, and punish anyone who disobeys, or he can be completely nonchalant and allow his team to do what they like with no fear of reprimand. Ultimately, it is up to the commander to determine his team's strategy which will inevitably determine whether his team is victorious. There will be many forms of help when taking on the seemingly monumental task of being the commander. In-game help and NPC characters will offer advice and keep the commander aware of events on the battlefield. As a normal player, it is up to you to follow your commander's orders and do the grunt work of piloting tanks and bombers in order to destroy the enemy team. If, however, the commander is not acting in the team's best interest, he can be voted out just as easily as he was voted into the position in the first place. It is wise to follow the commander and perform tasks that furthers your team's mission, or you might be the one receiving punishment in the form of guard duty. As the game progresses, upgrades will be available in many forms to players. Normal players can be promoted in rank and given command of a squad of infantry (consisting of either human players or bots or a combination of both), given custom abilities such as the scout's ability to hide almost completely from enemy sight, and given upgraded attributes such as improved weapon handling. Upgrades will also become available to vehicles and aircraft in the form of improved weapons, ammo, armor, and engines. Maps will consist of large roaming areas like those common in Battlefield 1942 with plenty of room for aircraft to maneuver and smaller maps which mainly focus on infantry combat. Maps can either be played individually or strung together in the form of a campaign which will progress the storyline and culminate in a sweeter victory or even more bitter defeat.

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Download 'empires_v2_client.exe' (752.29MB)

New Models, Animations, and Sounds

- Many new world models and animations including projectile explosions, building sparks, weapon models, and tank deaths
- Completely new set of ingame sounds
- Updated graphic user interface
- All new first-person weapon models: Northern Faction Mines, Northern Faction Engineer Repair Tool, Imperial Assault Rifle, Imperial Heavy Rifle, Imperial Sniper Rifle
- Many weapons now have ironsights: Northern Faction Assault Rifle, Imperial Assault Rifle
- Loading screens appear while new maps are loading and display helpful gameplay tips
- New kill/death icons

Changes to Gameplay

 - Scouts can now sabotage buildings to disarm or damage enemy infrastructure
 - All classes can now go prone
- Vehicles can run over infantry
- Major rebalancing of infantry and vehicle weapons
- Riflemen and Scouts can now use sticky grenades to destroy vehicles
- Rebalance of vehicle weight restrictions to force armor vs. weaponry choice
- Repair stations can now be used to rearm a vehicle that has outdated weaponry
- Improved vehicle handling (including 2nd seat passenger no longer rotating with vehicle turret)

New & Updated Maps

- Maps have been rendered with HDR
- Four all new maps: Cyclopean, Glycen City, Streets Of Fire, and Urban Chaos
- Updated versions of Canyon, Crossroads, District, Duststorm, Escort, Isle, Money, Mvalley, and Slaughtered

Retailored Squad System
- A commander is now voted in at the beginning of the match using the new commander voting feature
- All new squad interface to make it easier to join or leave a squad
- Squad leaders emit an aura of special class-dependent skills
- Squads accumulate points for special squad skills that the squad leader can use

Game Code Improvements
- New network code to tremendously reduce lag and allow for bigger games
- SourceTV support
- Many new server variables to give server administrators more Empires-specific control of games
- Improved spectator interface
- Ingame chat is colorcoded to differentiate between Northern Faction, Brenodi Empire, Commander, and Spectator
- When a round ends all client camera views are brought to the reason for the round ending using the CV DeathCam
- The user scoreboard now has a scrollbar and ability to mute annoying players

Risk-style League Gameplay

- Concurrent with the release of Empires Mod 2.0, the Empires League will begin its first season
- Clans will compete for territory on a gameboard map

Full change log is way to big to put up here go to http://wiki.empiresmod.com/index.php?title=Change_Log for the full change log.

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Empires is a revolutionary mod currently in development for Half-Life 2. It'll be combining the genres of first-person shooter and real-time strategy. Two key players will be present in each game,...

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