Half-Life 2: EP2 Canyon Outpost Map (v1.0)

This level is set in a combine outpost, in a canyon. You can pick one of three enemys to face (Zombines, Antlions, and Strider+Hunter pairs)...


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File Description

This level is set in a combine outpost, in a canyon. You can pick one of three enemys to face (Zombines, Antlions, and Strider+Hunter pairs). There are supplies in the room you start in, as well as the buttons that activate the swarms of enemys. Leave them pressed in for infinite or press them in for a while then out for a lot. They will attempt to enter the outpost. You can use Striderbusters, Explosive Barrels, The Jalopy, and the Mounted Guns to kill them. There are infinite ammo crates for most of your weapons in the spawnroom and an infinite 357 ammo dispenser in the sniper tower. Some screenshots here.

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-How to install
Extract the maps and materials folders to your Ep2 directory 
(eg. C:Program FilesSteamSteamApps(Your Steam Username)half-life 2 episode 2ep2).

-How to start
Start up Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and open the console ('~' opens it, if you cannot open it, go 
to "Options" then "Keyboard" then "Advanced", then check the box, "Enable Developer Console"), 
then type (without quotes) "map ep2_canyon_outpost" to start the level.


* Optional infinitely spawning enemys (eg. Strider + Hunter pairs).
* 2 Mounted guns
* A sniper tower
* Friendly combine
* Dispensers (Health, Suit Battery, Magnusson Device, 357 Ammo, and Magnusson Device)
* The Jalopy (With Magnusson Device Tray and Strider/Hunter radar)

The level is set in a combine outpost in a canyon (as the title suggests). Combine backup 
will teleport to you to help in dealing with enemys. Striderbusters (Magnusson Devices) and 
exploding barrels are at your disposal to deal with enemys. Additionally, the jalopy vehicle 
is also at your disposal. Ammo, Medkits, and Batterys may be found inside the spawn room. 
If you prefer sniping, then there is a sniping tower for picking off enemys at long range.

You may not use this unless you ask for my permission first, contact me at 

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