Half-Life 2 Eraser Mod V1.00

This mod provides several changes to gameplay as following:-

1) BulletTime....yes, but it is not the same like in BulletTime mod. When yo...


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This mod provides several changes to gameplay as following:-

1) BulletTime....yes, but it is not the same like in BulletTime mod. When you turn on bullettime, the gravity goes on its half, the gravity gun grows stronger, timescale goes on its 1/3 and the damage dealed to NPC's by headshots grows 2x. 2) Weapon sounds - weapon sounds changed for 357 Python, Pulse Rifle (AR2), Grenade ticking, Pistol, Shotgun and SMG. 3) Nearmiss sounds - added 5 new nearmiss sounds. 4) Weapon damage increased for almost every weapon. 5) Weapon magazine capacity increased for few weapons and maximum held magazine capacity increased as well. 6) Horsepower for buggy and airboat increased a lot (adding lot of fun to gameplay) 7) Canceled the Valve startup video -> faster loading.

Version 1.00 Changes: [Co-production with JB Mod]

- unlocked manipulator gun (with 3 modes: rope, fixed, ball socket) + ability to pick up live NPC's + new effects: sparks, energy splashes, different colored beams and pellets + ability to delete individual pellets with the "use" key + autoweld feature: force the physgun to automatically weld when it makes contact -> this makes welding to ragdolls alot easier + ability to turn off pellet attraction (use with autoweld for best results)

- added sticky launcher - ability to pick up cars and big objects with normal gravgun - ability to start new game - fixed chapter names in game (still working on fixing it in start menu) - you can bind most of the manipulator features in game to keys -> no memorising is needed :)) - list of bindable features: + autowelding objects + change through manipulator modes + activating / deactivationg cannisters + activating / deactivating pellet attraction

- list of features you have to type in console (command / effect): give_stickylauncher / gives you the sticky launcher phys_gunropelenght / sets the lenght of rope if you have weld to objects together with rope mode ent_create_cannister / creates a physics cannister and colorizes it from least to most powerful. Green = Low Thrust, Red = High Thrust - to get manipulator gun type in console "sv_cheats 1" and then "impulse 101"

Beta 0.35 Changes:

- fixed the AI bug (ai didn't move after it's death in BT) - tweaked the physcannon - it's more powerful - fixed the sound bugs - some sounds didn't play properly for AI - tweaked some weapons - you have infinite power for sprinting, oxygen, etc. in BT

Beta 0.3.1 Changes:

- added installer for easy and proper installation

Beta 0.3 Changes:

- fixed major bug that was preventing to start single player game - fixed airboat preferences - added "Bullet Time" bindable button right into optionskeyboard under Combat - you can now bind your own button for bullet time directly in the game - fixed weapon names in hud - modified some weapon preferences again

Beta 0.1 Changes:

- added BulletTime - changed weapon preferences - changed weapon sounds - changed airboat and buggy preferences - removed startup video - fixed and added some minor things

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Download 'hl2_erasermod_100.exe' (4.97MB)

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