Half-Life 2: Eternal Silence Beta Mod Patch 1.1

The Eternal Silence mod team has released a new patch for their mod. This patches beta 1.0 t...


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The Eternal Silence mod team has released a new patch for their mod. This patches beta 1.0 to 1.1.

Here's some information and the changelog:

Hey folks,

Patch 1.1 for the Beta is finally out. Here is a snippet of the changelog:

QUOTE Version 1.1 - October 2nd [FIX] - Removed impulse 101 exploit [FIX] - Allowed Bludgeon during reload [FIX] - Reduced lag tremendously [FIX] - Grouped impact shots together [FIX] - Allowed OK button to be pressed when alive on class menu [FIX] - Changed victory conditions to something more logical [FIX] - Removed Ion bomb weapon switch exploit [FIX] - Removed UTF Pistol Silencer [ADD] - es_aethra_scenario now includes Aethra Core [BAL] - Slowed down runspeed from 220 to 180 [BAL] - Reduced accuracy and damage on machineguns slightly [BAL] - Increased Carbine damage [BAL] - Added an extra ship spawn to NGM Surefire [BAL] - Centered the hangar subsystem on Aethra

This patch is only 10MB for updating the client, server admins will have to download the new server packages all over again (30MB). Head on over to the Downloads Page and grab it right away.

We are working hard on getting the last of the bugs out and content for Beta 2 is already starting to come in. I can't wait to share some shots of that with you guys in the next update. Beta 1 has been a great experience for us and Beta 2 will allow us to tweak the gameplay and also add a bunch of cool stuff. We have been sifting through all the feedback we have gotten and taking notes, so if you want to give us your two cents, head over to the Forums. We also have a wiki which is slowly accumulating articles. If you are a flight ace and want to contribute some tips, don't hesitate to head on over there.

Happy flying, and expect some more bug patching and some great new content in the coming months.


Have fun!

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Download 'eternal_silence_beta1_0_to_1_1.exe' (10.67MB)

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