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What we've got here is the culmination of all of FAKEFACTORY's work so far, along with a few added tweaks. What's included in this is the So...


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What we've got here is the culmination of all of FAKEFACTORY's work so far, along with a few added tweaks. What's included in this is the Soundtrack mod, new weapon sounds, and all the new high-res textures, as well as a config file that changes the damage amounts of the weapons to something the creator deems more "realistic". The textures that are included have all been changed and enhanced a little to make them look better. Clothing has also been re-done, which is most noticeably done on the civilians, and resistence soldiers. As for the config file, it now only takes 3-5 shots to put down say, a Combine soldier, but you're also under the same restrictions, and can die easily as well. Good luck, and happy fragging!

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Download 'fakefactory_mod_cinematic.zip' (202.32MB)

FAKEFACTORYs Cinematic Mod for Half Life 2

What is this:

- The Cinematic Modification adds Hires-Textures to all human characters 
and some non-human characters (and the vending machine of course).

- It replaces the original HL2 music with a more classic score in the 
style of large Hollywood productions. More orchestral, more ambient, and 
more powerful in the action-sequences.

- It adds a new weapons-balancing and strengthens all the weapons to a 
more realistic level. No more firing numerous rounds at the combines; 
kill them with 3 to 5 direct hits, just like in real-life combat, but 
beware: Your opponent’s weapons are comparable. After 3 to 5 direct hits 
(or 1 direct headshot) you *will* be killed.

Additional Info for users of the FAKEFACTORY HiRes Packs 1.0 to 1.04: 
This pack combines all the FAKEFACTORY HiRes Packs together, fixes some 
glitches in several textures and adds some new ones. Just override the 
already installed textures with the new ones in this modification.

Replaced Face Textures:

Dr. Breen
Father Grigori
Dr. Kleiner
Colonel Odessa
All civilian and squad-members

Additional replaced Body Textures:

Father Grigori
Dr. Kleiner
Head crab

Replaced Weapons Textures:

Annabelle (Grigori’s Rifle)
Pulse gun
Submachine gun
Alyx Gun
Gravity Gun

Replaced Vehicles Textures:


Replaced Props Textures:

Public Phone
Vending Machine

The facemaps of the main-characters are coming with full 2048 x 2048 
pixels facemaps - all others civilians/squad-members with 1024 x 1024 
pixels. This is because, you'll never get close enough to the civilians 
or squad-members to see the full resolution of a massive 2048px texture. 
Even a 1024px facemap needs at least a 1600 x 1200 game-resolution to 
take full effect. Remember: You'll never get the full quality of the 
textures below a 1600 x 1200 game-resolution.


- Half-Life2 installed
- A graphics-card, that can handle 2048 x 2048 pixel textures (any 
DirectX9 card should be okay).
- plenty of RAM (you will see some ingame-stuttering with less than 1 GB 


This modification installs *not* in a separate MOD folder. Instead it 
overrides the Standard-HL2 Files at runtime. Therefore the enhancements 
can be used with the original HL2 single player campaign as well as all 
installed and future HL2 Mods (except Mods with their own textures or 

Make a backup of your installed cfg folder. Then copy all the folders 
inside the override folder (cfg, materials, sounds, scripts etc. - not 
the override-folder itself) to your <path to 
SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/ folder, replacing old files.

An example of a legit directory-structure is:

<path to SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/bin
<path to SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/cfg        <-- 
overwritten from override folder
<path to SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/maps
<path to SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/materials      <-- copied 
from override folder
<path to SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/scripts      <-- copied 
from override folder
<path to SteamApps>/<username>/Half-life 2/hl2/sound          <-- copied 
from override folder

Start a new game and enjoy a new Half-Life 2 Single player experience.

info AD madservice.de


Legal info:

The sound files are from several free sources, i.e. 
film-soundtrack-teasers, and copyright-free to my knowledge. I cut, 
edited, enhanced the samples teaser-quality to a satisfyingly level and 
re-arranged them to fit the overall sound theme for the new HL2 score. 
The textures are self-made with Valves Artwork as a base for 
enhancements. If you want to use my textures for further improvements, 
feel free to do so. But be so kind, to give credits to me.

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