Half-Life 2: Fistful of Frags Update

The first update for the Fistful of Frags mod has been released. For a complete list of new features, bug fixes and gameplay improvem...


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The first update for the Fistful of Frags mod has been released. For a complete list of new features, bug fixes and gameplay improvements read the change log below.

Here is a quick official summary:

- New sound, music, more smoke: Rich Douglas contributed with a nice new theme for menu, there are also several new sound fx´s you´ll hear during normal play for greater immersion. There is also a new convar to increase the amount of smoke, as you asked :) - Gameplay improvements: we want to ensure every player knows what to do, so there is more information available. Teamplay also was enhanced with several important changes in the reward system. - Bug fixes: server crashes, partially broken features were fixed - Weapon balance: many slight changes there, basic weapons are faster, be sure to check them all!

This is a mandatory update for clients and servers, download V1.0 here.

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Download 'fof_beta_1.01.1_update.exe' (34.1MB)



- Additional menu music by Rich Douglas 
- Objectives info: pressing ´O´ will let you know the objectives location in map and a brief explanation of game mode purpose
- Notoriety recover feature: if you get disconnected, after rejoining to same server (and same round) you won´t lose your previous notoriety
- Team reward modified: now players will be rewarded while protecting team mates carrying money. Note that notoriety for attacks is doubled when player is protecting
- New dynamic loot feature: money chests will scale their loot accordingly with the server slots to keep a similar round duration. 
- Secondary Deringer: a second Deringer can be equipped
- Headshot, pain, item pick, and bullet flesh impact sounds
- fof_smoke client convar: set a value from 0.5 to 2.0 (default 1.0) to scale the amount of smoke and time it takes to vanish (graphic performance could be worse, or much worse depending your graphic card)
- Winner team receives knives in the end round game. Taken the double notoriety for damaging enemies granted during that time, this will be important to increase notoriety, and therefore your chances during next round.
- Server var fof_maxmoneymodifer: let the server admin to scale total loot needed to win by -20% or +20%.
- Team names to scoreboard


- Several server crash issues
- Players won´t receive negative notoriety
- Black shadowed zones in Eliminator map, could make invisible certain players
- knives/axes disappearing into dead bodies (or you ate my axe! bug)
- End round bug: knives and axes aren´t removed
- Axe slash/thrown attacks death icon 
- Axes/Knives stacking in mid air.


- Removed "super jump" (jump+duck), normal jump was increased by 50%, takes double stamina. It´s still possible to duck and jump later, however it won´t jump as much as it did before.
- Money carrier icon (on top of head) can be seen even when player is behind buildings, up to a certain distance limit and only will be updated intermittently
- El Paso total cash increased to $15000
- Peligro map: unbreakable boards, explosive barrels inflict more damage. This map has been removed from official map rotation until is clear what causes server crashes
- Tramonto Lite: removed access to rooftop in one of the side buildings
- notoriety doubled in mini game after round end
- Fists: normal damage increased from 15 to 20, range decreased 5 units to match the world animation
- Bow reloads slightly faster
- ColtNavy reload and primary/secondary fire slightly faster
- Smith carbine reload slightly faster, slightly less accurate when zoomed
- Coachgun damage decreased (-1 per pellet), dispersion increased (+1 degree), time interval between shots slightly increased
- Henry Rifle less accurate when non zoomed
- Deringer slightly less accurate
- Axe range decreased in 5 units, players using it will run slightly slower (level 2). Damage decreased to 40 (from 50)
- Dynamite explosion radius slighted decreased, cost increased to 10, max items decreased to 3 (6 sticks)
- Voice commands, some bow, knife and axe fx´s volume lowered
- Stamina bar when Using spurs is full at spawn.
- Scores tab sorted by notoriety
- melee and pistols weapon selection group reordered
- Boots cost decreased to 15

Known Issues:

- HUD panels flashing when a player connects
- Game crashes when connecting to a server if resolution was changed previously without restarting the game.
- Peligro map could crash servers, don´t use this map if you don´t want to take any risk

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