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Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer modification built over Valve's Source Engine. Released today on December, 21. Our game is set in the Old...


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Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer modification built over Valve's Source Engine. Released today on December, 21. Our game is set in the Old West, but it doesn't matter if you are a die hard fan of western based games or not, we simply want to create an original gaming experience oriented to any gamer who enjoys competitive online first person shooters.

The main motivation behind this project is our desire to create unique gameplay. Two concepts in carrying out this aim include extensive player customisation and dynamic objective system. These are our two main gameplay proposals with a number of other features revolving around them.

Fistful of Dollars is the name of our main game mode, like the classic movie starring Clint Eastwood. It consists of an original and very effective game mechanic that will let new players get into the modification far more easily than most online modifications, but at the same time, will also make more experienced players want to keep coming back due to its inner complexity and addictive nature. This gameplay mode is coupled with an innovative weapon selection system that offers a vast degree of freedom. Everything is tied together with our Notoriety experience system that measures player progression along each round in a way never seen to date!

El Paso represents a classic western town with the habitual architecture you could find in those times: wood or brick buildings, and there is also a special apparition of a fortress like bank with Spanish influence. This town is based in movies like "For a few dollars more" and "Once upon a time in the West", has nothing to do with the real old El Paso.

Presidio is based on real edifications made by Spaniards in 18/19th centuries, the presidio. It*s some sort of fort, meant to protect missions over the southwest of the USA. This one was abandoned, its original inhabitants left many years ago.

This file is the full V1.2 of Fistful of Frags install, highly recommended to remove any previous version or get the V1.0 - 1.2 patch.

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Download 'fof_b1.2_client_full.exe' (224.85MB)

We have been playing FoF for some time now, and it was clear that the game needed some tweaks and improvements in key areas. Version 1.2 has been made with the intention of polish and improve FoF in every direction possible, taking in mind we just released another update 3 weeks ago.

Here are some highlights of the new version, check the full change log to know everything behind this update.

- Additional game mode "Few Dollars More", an evolved version of our main game mode. There were added some custom features which will make it more intense and tactical than regular "Fistful of Dollars".
- Fixes: improved stability, knife/axe bouncing issues,"Protecting" message active all the time
- New Maps: fof_revenge, larger/improved versions of Eliminator and Peligro
- New sound fx´s, explosion sprites, props and textures
- Gameplay changes and additions: weapon balancing, movement speed tweaked, game mode enhancements, etc.
- Important: players won´t receive any notoriety due to combat unless it´s related to objectives (player or enemies have loot or are protecting). Notoriety gained by these actions was increased (x2 or even x3).



- Few Dollars More game mode
- New Revenge, Eliminator and Peligro maps.
- Sound fx´s: death, ammo/weapon pickup
- New explosion sprites by arklansman
- Stagecoach prop by Anime7Angel
- Stucco texture by Henri


- Knife/axe bouncing issues
- Several map spawn related issues
- "Protecting" message is on all the time

Gameplay changes/additions:

- Notoriety isn´t reset anymore at round´s end, games will last for 3 rounds max 
- Automatic team balance at round end: some players may be switched in favor of fairness. 
- No combat notoriety will be gained except if its related to game mode: injuring enemy money carriers/protectors
- The amount of notoriety received by combat actions has been increased.
- Stamina isn´t decreased so fast while jumping/sprinting/punching 
- Dynamite kamikaze action is penalized and explosion radius minimal
- Players with zero notoriety can be team killed by their own teammates, without notoriety penalization
- Slightly decreased lateral speed (-15%)
- Increased forward speed (+15%)
- Decreased backwards speed (-20%)
- Increased sprint speed (+15%) 
- Player Pain sound will play only in chest critical zone (damage x1.2)
- Pain Tolerance costs +5 notoriety.

Map changes/additions:

- El Paso and Presidio supports new Few Dollars More game mode, and also Fistful of Dollars, however the seconds is disabled for the moment in these maps (will be enabled later)
- Number of crates/objectives decreased in El Paso and Presidio (Fistful of Dollars mode)
- Extended versions of Eliminator and Peligro: they allow more players, gameplay doesn´t change substantially however they won´t play exactly the same. 
- Old versions of Peligro/Eliminator still exist as they are now in case they are needed for smaller servers (_lite versions)
- fof_revenge added, some brushwork of this map was made by Fenix.
- New .fgd file for mappers (include the latest changest regarding game modes)

Weapon changes/additions:

- Fists punch animations are faster
- Bow reload is slower
- Coachgun reload is faster
- Thrown axe/knife is -20%/-10% slower, damage is nerfed too (knife 75->50, axe 150->100)
- XBow: arrows need a minimum time to explode, preventing to use this weapon in close range
- Dynamite stick: damage increased +25%

Known issues:

- Some HUD panels flashing / chat freezed when a player connects
- Game crashes when connecting to a server if resolution was changed previously without restarting the game.

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Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer modification built over Valve's Source Engine. Our game is set in the Old West, but it doesn't matter if you are a die hard fan of western based games or not, we s...

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