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This latest build fixes one definite crash bug, has decreased load times slightly. Most of the CS:S weapons are in there by default. Weapon...


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This latest build fixes one definite crash bug, has decreased load times slightly. Most of the CS:S weapons are in there by default. Weapon selection menu has been redone since it was getting cramped with the adding of the new weapons. This version also adds NPC death notifications. When a player kills an NPC it will show in the top right hand corner just like when a player gets killed. As mentioned above the spawn menu has gone though some major changes. One cool change is that it now stretches vertically with your screen resolution. This should help people with more than 3 mini mods installed - you’ll have plenty of room now.

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Download 'gmod_9_0_4.exe' (26.65MB)

ersion 9.0.4 - 27th November 2005

    * [ADD] Spawn menu now grows with a higher screen res
    * [ADD] Cleaned up spawn menu
    * [ADD] Changed weapon select menu to fit more weapons (use gm_wepselmode to switch back)
    * [ADD] SWEP spawn menu
    * [ADD] CS Weapons
    * [ADD] NPC Kill notifications
    * [FIX] Spawn menu crash
    * [FIX] Single player bug with turrets
    * [FIX] Melonracer bugs
    * [FIX] Weapon pickup switch bug
    * [FIX] Text, rects and wquads showing in the next level
    * [FIX] Fortwars - Fixed buying weapons as spectator
    * [FIX] Fortwars - Money resets after game end
    * [FIX] HideAndSeek - Team names fixed
    * [FIX] HideAndSeek - Tweaked scoring
    * [FIX] HideAndSeek - Added help screen
    * [FIX] HideAndSeek - Hiders get melon and baby guns
    * [FIX] Chat style messages now show in single player
    * [FIX] Scope graphics are now drawn behind kills/chat
    * [LUA] _util.PlayerByName( name )
    * [LUA] _util.PlayerByUserId( userid )
    * [LUA] _util.EntsInBox( min, max )
    * [LUA] _util.DropToFloor( ent )
    * [LUA] _util.ScreenShake( pos, amp, frequency, duration, radius )
    * [LUA] _util.PointAtEntity( ent, ent )
    * [LUA] _npc.ExitScriptedSequence( ent )
    * [LUA] _npc.SetSchedule( ent, sched )
    * [LUA] _npc.SetLastPosition( ent, vector )
    * [LUA] _npc.AddRelationship( ent, ent, disposition, priority )
    * [LUA] Changed Phys functions to use _phys. table (see lua/includes/backcompat.lua)
    * [LUA] _phys.ApplyForceOffset( ent, force, worldpos )
    * [LUA] _phys.ApplyTorqueCenter( ent, vec )
    * [LUA] _player.ShowPanel( player, name, show )
    * [LUA] _player.SetContextMenu( player, name )
    * [LUA] GetPlayerDamageScale( hitgroup ) - see defines.lua
    * [LUA] _player.GetFlashlight( player )
    * [LUA] _player.SetFlashlight( player, bool )
    * [LUA] _player.LastHitGroup( player )
    * [LUA] Returned tables now start from 1 instead of 0 as is the Lua tradition
    * [LUA] _player.ShouldDropWeapon( player, bool )
    * [LUA] SWEP - getTracerFreqPrimary()
    * [LUA] SWEP - getTracerFreqSecondary()
    * [LUA] _swep.GetClipAmmo( id, clip )
    * [LUA] _swep.SetClipAmmo( id, clip, amount )
    * [LUA] SWEP - onPickup( player )
    * [LUA] SWEP - onDrop( player )
    * [LUA] SWEP - onRemove()
    * [LUA] SWEP - getDeathIcon()
    * [LUA] _gameevent.Start( name )
    * [LUA] _gameevent.SetString( name, value )
    * [LUA] _gameevent.SetInt( name, value )
    * [LUA] _gameevent.Fire()
    * [LUA] _spawnmenu.AddItem( player, category, name, command )
    * [LUA] _spawnmenu.RemoveCategory( player, category )
    * [LUA] _spawnmenu.RemoveAll( player )
    * [LUA] _spawnmenu.SetCategory( player, category )
    * [LUA] eventPlayerInitialSpawn( playerid ) - called just before player's first ever spawn on the server
    * [LUA] Fixed _file.Read corrupt data
    * [LUA] _PlayerGetActiveWeapon( player )
    * [LUA] _swep.GetDeathIcon( weapon )

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Garry's Mod is a sandbox mod for the Source Engine. Unlike normal games there aren't any predefined aims or goals. Players are given tools and are left to entertain themselves.

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