Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod [Updated Version]


-Fixed limits being applied to singleplayer -Increased default ragdoll per-player limit to 2 -Fixed...


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-Fixed limits being applied to singleplayer -Increased default ragdoll per-player limit to 2 -Fixed axis context panel having the wrong label -Fixed wrong map name for dm_powerhouse

Converted to HL2MP SDK:

-Player models are now animated -Players hold weapons properly -Less bandwidth usage -Predicted weapons -Paint gun works online

Spawn menu now replaces all other menus

-Spawn menu now has a scrollbar -Context menus for each tool mode -Frees up right click for the tools

Added secondary fire modes:

-Weld modes - clears any welds you're currently doing -Face poser - sets the face to random -Eye poser - makes the eyes look at you -Duplicator - right copies, left paste -Ignite mode - extinguishes flames -Paint mode - paint fast -Colour mode - reset color/mode/fx -Statue mode - undo statue mode -Material mode - reset material to normal -Slider mode - makes the rail align with the shot face

New Additions

-Elastic Mode - a rope that acts like bungee rope -Physics Properties - change friction/bounce/density -Nail Gun - works just like a real nail gun -Statue - turn ragdolls into statues -Export to Hammer - export your prop positions to your map in Hammer -Scoreboard Avatars - Work in progress -Faceposer menu - adjust each flex in a face using sliders -Bloom & Bloom menu - change bloom settings via sliders -DoF menu - adjust the depth of field -Ability to change rope width and type -Friction changes on some weld modes -Unlimited levels of undo -Sprite gun -Emitter gun -Material Screen Overlay

Other Changes

-Rope mode and Rigid Rope are now both under Rope Mode -Fixed sliding constraint snapping to axis

Useful Console Commands

-cl_noavatars [0|1] - turn off downloading of avatars -sv_godmode [0|1] - godmode on for all players -gm_sv_clientlimit_[] - (server) limit each client to creating x amount of each -gm_sv_serverlimit_[] - (server) limit the server to x amount of each item

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Download 'gmod_eight.exe' (3.94MB)

Garry's Mod Eight - 8th May 2005


Hold Q in game to open up the spawn menu. You can then 
 select an object to spawn on the left or select a tool
 mode on the right.

For a more detailed FAQ visit http://www.garry.tv/garrysmod/

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Garry's Mod is a sandbox mod for the Source Engine. Unlike normal games there aren't any predefined aims or goals. Players are given tools and are left to entertain themselves.

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